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Questions to Ask Your Child's Pediatrician

A Printable Checklist

If this is your first baby, you're probably bursting at the seams with questions about your little one. Here is a list of common questions to get you started. Print it up and take it to your child's next checkup.

Feeding Baby
  • I'm breastfeeding my baby; are there any medications, foods or beverages I should avoid?
  • Are there any foods that will improve my breast milk?
  • I'm bottle-feeding my baby; what formula do you recommend?
  • How often should my baby be nursing/bottle-feeding?
  • How much should I feed my baby at each sitting?
Soothing Baby
  • What are some ways to soothe my crying baby?
  • Should I offer my baby a pacifier?
  • Should I let my baby sleep in the swing?
Body Care Questions
  • How should I trim my baby's nails?
  • How often should I bathe my baby?
  • What kind of soap/shampoo should I use on my baby?
  • What should I use to treat diaper rash?
Sleeping Questions
  • What do you recommend as the best or safest sleeping arrangement?
  • How should I dress my baby to sleep?
  • How much sleep does my baby need?
Nutrition Questions
  • When should I start feeding my baby solid foods?
  • What foods should I abstain from feeding my child before he is one year old?
  • What are some common signs of a food allergy?
  • Should I give my child a daily multivitamin?
Health/Safety Questions
  • How long should I wait before I let visitors hold my newborn baby?
  • What if my child gets sick on a weekend?
  • What is the protocol in the case of a medical emergency?
  • What are some alternative ways to reduce a fever?
  • How high is too high for a fever?
  • When can my baby face forward in the car seat?
General Questions
  • What is your position on routine circumcision?
  • What is your policy on antibiotics?
  • Are there any baby or parenting books you recommend?
My Own Questions
Write down your own questions so that you don't forget to ask.
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Liza received her bachelor's degree in health promotion and education from the University of Cincinnati and is pursuing a master's degree in nurse midwifery. She is the proud mother of one daughter.
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Last week, I gave birth to my son and I absolutely love him! However, this is my first baby and so I am really nervous about everything, because I don't feel like I understand his needs quite yet. Tomorrow, I am going to the doctor's so that I can learn more about taking care of him. I am hoping that some of these questions will help me to understand more about my role as a parent. For example, I really haven't given much thought to what foods I should or should not eat while breastfeeding. I think that the only question about that that I have come up with on my own is this one: Can I bottle feed and breastfeed at the same time? http://www.lawren Report