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Should You Keep Exercising If You Feel Dizzy?


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I find I have to take it easy when I get off the treadmill. Cool down slowly Report
Thank You...…………. Report
Info that All of us should know! Thanks for sharing this one!!!! Report
I hate that feeling of being dizzy. It's scarey. Report
the other morning I was dizzy than the room went black woke up on the floor 20 mins. later on the floor. My leg hurts I think from fall. two days later still dont feel right. but not dizzy. little lost of taste. headaches. I get dizzy and off balance. people say I walk like a drunk I know the night before it was cold and drank a lot of Report
I get dizzy if I don't cool down long enough before getting off the treadmill. Report
Good article Report
I always get dizzy when I change levels (laying to sitting, sitting to standing. It is part of a disorder I have. I just have to be really careful at the gym. Report
Great advice! Report
Thanks. Report
Good info. Thank you. Report
Good info...Thx! Report
Interesting; vertigo has many disguises. Report
Just today at the end of 1 hour of water aerobics, I got slightly dizzy as I got out of pool. Was worried about vertigo, but realized I was facing the bright and hot sun and hadn't had the usual amount of liquids.
Was dizzy in shower but got home and started drinking fluids and felt better.for rest of day. Report

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