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Transform Your Body in 10 Minutes with 8 Moves

The Beginner's Easy Anywhere Workout


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easy button! Yes, just start! Report
Any modifications for the push-ups and tricep dips for someone with carpal tunnel syndrome? Report
thank you Report
Still all good moves and worth doing. Report
Still need to get me bodied I kinda stopped lifted but these moves are life power strong. Enjoy. Report
These 8 moves in 10 minutes are very doable! Report
Great Article!!

BLC39! Go Navy Ninjaz~
Thank you. However, these are for a member who is younger and not as obese as I currently am. Report
Love the 10 minute idea. Report
it lists a lot of things we can do in a few min. Report
This is an excellent article. Anyone with half a brain stem should know that if you have physical issues this article would not apply to you! There are plenty of other workouts that would be more suitable for you. does not mean this is a one size fits all kind of site. There is no way that one particular site will be able to put every kind of health related issue. If you are not able to find something on sparkpeople, there are plenty of other sites that might be able to meet your every need, whim, or thought. Amazing how many whiners can complain about the dumbest things Report
I like this workout pretty much standard in most of my workouts anyway. Report
Not only knee issues, but wrists especially make some of these dangerous for me, so I'm skipping it. Interesting that this was presented as a "related article" after the HeavyWeight Yoga Workout I just tried--as it's not very appropriate for older, limited mobility, or obese members who would have been interested in the first blog. Report

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