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6 Fitness Rules Meant to be Broken

New Takes on Outdated Advice


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Good advise, even some new stuff....thanks! Report
Good reminders. I will pin for future reminders. Report
Good reminders. I will pin Report
good info I can use...thanks Report
Thanks Report
i have a feeling i have read this article before Report
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thank you, I needed this. Report
Great new rules! Thank you! Report
Haven’t exercised since motorcycle wreck in 2008. Before that, I was practiced yoga daily for 15 years and had a wonderful trainer at the gym. But the wreck had complications and my confidence rumbled while my weight escalated to the point where I do not recognize myself anymore. Waking up is painful. But I believe it is because I’ve clung to the horror and allowed my muscles to atrophy. I am starting physical therapy again soon. Hopefully I will transition into my former routine. Report
Gotta do the hard work Report
Good advice. Report
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