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Christmas flowers this year. EVIE4NOW 16 DCWILLIAMS831
12/4/20 12:47 P
New member? Introduce yourself! CKAYTHOMAS 14 DARLENEK04
12/1/20 7:46 P
I'm the only one at the fitness center. Have the entire walking track to myself. BIRDLOVER-CJ 34 DBEAU57
11/25/20 10:55 P
11/25/20 5:13 P
Has taken 111 days of hard work, but I've finally lost 5 pounds! Yay! BIRDLOVER-CJ 7 WHITECAT19
11/20/20 11:06 P
And for the first time in my adult life I’ve reach -KARMA- 227 BUTTERFLYJANS
11/20/20 10:09 P
Anyone here have Raynaud's? What do you do for freezing hands? Weather only just got chilly here and BIRDLOVER-CJ 9 DBEAU57
11/18/20 10:02 P
Today is our 47th anniversary. Celebrating love today! RUTHIEBEAR 147 AQUAGIRL08
11/19/20 1:43 P
11/17/20 12:52 P
Can't believe I'm doing it: it's 5:50am, and I'm headed over to the local fitness center to exercise BIRDLOVER-CJ 10 WHITECAT19
11/16/20 8:26 P
2 down. 6 to go #h2whoa CKEYES1 6 JCARR855
11/10/20 9:00 A
Yesterday I posted the news that I reached 100 days straight of logging in, tracking food and water, BIRDLOVER-CJ 23 CBULLIS1
11/10/20 10:05 A
It's 36 degrees and I'm heading out for an hour's walk when the sun comes up! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 37 JAMER123
11/10/20 10:36 P
To all Newbies: I just hit 100 days of tracking food, water, and exercise! Believe me, if I can do i BIRDLOVER-CJ 15 WHITECAT19
11/10/20 7:14 A
Syncing google fit with SP FRANZEN21 8 BIRDLOVER-CJ
11/8/20 2:49 P
Daily Chirp & Share What You've Seen Today LITTLEREDHEN8 597 LITTLEREDHEN8
12/4/20 6:42 A
If you have arthritis or other mobility problems, the Arthritis Foundation has exercise DVDs that ca BIRDLOVER-CJ 6 WHITECAT19
11/6/20 5:56 P
Request to Delete SparkTeam WHATACIRCUS 65 SPARK_MERLE
11/5/20 3:37 P
Seek to live a generous, committed life, loving & learning, giving, growing, glowing. That sums up 1CRAZYDOG 13 GABY1948
11/5/20 5:25 P
Please let me know if you are interested in a Lactose Intolerant/Dairy-Free team. See today's blog p BIRDLOVER-CJ 3 WHITECAT19
11/5/20 9:14 A
#newbie needing to lose about 35 lbs. I’m 4’11 an weigh 153. I’m battling RA and Fibromyalgia pain. SHESEEKSTRUTH 11 DONNASUNSHINE
11/10/20 8:44 A
Argh! Anyone else having trouble with leftover Halloween candy? My husband brought a lot home and I BIRDLOVER-CJ 12 WHITECAT19
11/3/20 7:03 P
Anyone know if you can view Spark Workout Videos on a Smart TV? BIRDLOVER-CJ 5 WHITECAT19
10/31/20 1:17 A
If you know how far you've walked but want to figure your mph, you can use this Pace Calculator: ht BIRDLOVER-CJ 2 WHITECAT19
10/27/20 1:27 P
Determined I would start walking outside 5 days a week. Climbing up a hill I really didn't want to c BIRDLOVER-CJ 19 GMACAMI
10/27/20 7:21 P
Election Novena, October 25-November 2, 2020 BIRDLOVER-CJ 1 BIRDLOVER-CJ
10/25/20 11:23 A
12/1/20 1:29 P
Opinion poll: Don't really need new clothes, but they were on sale and I had hoped I could fit in BIRDLOVER-CJ 12 ANHELIC
10/23/20 5:18 P
How can I unlink my Fitbit? BIRDLOVER-CJ 3 BIRDLOVER-CJ
10/23/20 3:01 P
#BeforeAndAfter MDMARE50 146 _RAMONA
10/20/20 1:38 A
Not exactly diet-friendly but still worth a laugh. It was always exciting when someone gave out full BIRDLOVER-CJ 15 ERIN_POSCH
10/20/20 11:13 A
Help! I'm trying to add a Spark Recipe for making a whole chicken in the crockpot but can't find an BIRDLOVER-CJ 4 BIRDLOVER-CJ
10/18/20 3:45 P
Gained 3 pounds while on vacation and really looking forward to getting back to my regular boring sc BIRDLOVER-CJ 5 WHITECAT19
10/18/20 2:08 P
Hey--that turkey gravy trivia question isn't really fair, is it? It all depends on who's making it-- BIRDLOVER-CJ 5 WHITECAT19
10/10/20 10:04 P
It's that time of year! BIRDLOVER-CJ 21 GEORGE815
10/9/20 4:32 P
Good afternoon my special Spark friends ! Here in Florida we have to create our fall , have a very T SILVAS7 23 NANCYANNE55
10/11/20 12:05 P
Blogged today about a webinar I took part in this morning on how light affects our sleep. Check it o BIRDLOVER-CJ 6 WHITECAT19
10/8/20 9:41 P
Linking Fitbit and Sparkpeople JUNIORSSISTER 948 TRUDIP1
11/29/20 3:23 P
If you suffer from piriformis pain, you may want to check out my recent blog post about a video I fo BIRDLOVER-CJ 1 BIRDLOVER-CJ
10/7/20 5:30 P
Give me your ideas for road trip snacks that don't need refrigeration. (Other than carrot and celery BIRDLOVER-CJ 3 WHITECAT19
10/6/20 11:18 P
With my new Fitbit, does this mean I don't track specific exercises anymore? Just let the Fitbit cou BIRDLOVER-CJ 7 NYLAURA1
10/2/20 8:46 P
10weeks 6 days due 24 April 2021 DEFENDERDARKSUN 31 MJ7DM33
10/2/20 8:43 P
Happy October! 🍂🎃🍁 ALLYLIZZY 25 MHUMBERS1950
10/1/20 8:17 P
Hello everyone. I am back on Spark hoping to find a good team and support group to help get me start BIBLIOAMBULATOR 15 _RAMONA
10/2/20 1:07 A
I never would of thought this would be possible!! In 2010 I weighed 288, now 165! How did I get he DIANEDOESSMILES 104 PATRICIA-CR
10/2/20 12:34 P
Introduce Yourself Here! ROCKMAN6797 4202 AMUSICALLIFE
12/3/20 8:10 A
Lots of Woo-hoo moments BIRDLOVER-CJ 2 PCSPEER
10/4/20 5:43 P
Today I reached 60-day streaks for 1) Logging in every day, 2) tracking food and water every day, an BIRDLOVER-CJ 25 WHITECAT19
10/1/20 1:15 P
Before transferring to a larger bowl, I had to admire the layers of my fruit salad: strawberries, ca BIRDLOVER-CJ 21 WHITECAT19
10/1/20 1:16 P
Walking the mtn division trail JIMIPAGE29 24 OPTICALXILLUSIO
9/30/20 11:06 P
My ginger kitten Simba JUSTDAY 20 JUSTDAY
9/30/20 1:39 A
Got in 30 minutes on my exercise bike. Now I've got a real goal: BIRDLOVER-CJ 23 WHITECAT19
9/30/20 12:54 P
Starting Week 5 of working to get rid of the 72 Lbs. to my Goal... that I have not tried to lose for SLIMMER150 24 GMACAMI
9/29/20 6:30 P
Feeling really hopeful about iron infusions starting tomorrow! Hope they increase my energy and help BIRDLOVER-CJ 6 WHITECAT19
9/29/20 10:17 A
Anyone feel faint before breakfast? BIRDLOVER-CJ 16 SBURDEN
10/28/20 10:27 A
I lost my day today. I have no words. My dad was this guy that you couldn’t help but like. He recei MIAMI_LILLY 224 BERRY4
9/28/20 2:27 A
Any guesses what today’s workout will be with my niece? Finished 8 week session running app and now MSMOSTIMPROVED 60 CHERRYZMB60
9/25/20 11:45 P
I put In an old Wii disc called "Walk it Out" that I haven't used in years. Meant for kids, but it w BIRDLOVER-CJ 9 SUSANM18
9/25/20 9:33 P
I put in an old Wii disc called "Walk it Out" that I haven't used in years. Meant for kids, but it w BIRDLOVER-CJ 2 RO2BENT
9/25/20 5:35 P
Coach Nicole sure knows how to get the most out of you in an 11-minute chair exercise! Arms and legs BIRDLOVER-CJ 3 WHITECAT19
9/24/20 11:11 P
9/27/20 12:39 P
Question for cyclists about piriformis pain BIRDLOVER-CJ 4 SPARK_MERLE
9/24/20 12:41 P
First time to reach 200 SparkPoints in a day. 216 to be exact. 😁 BIRDLOVER-CJ 4 WHITECAT19
9/24/20 11:07 P
Gosh, I hate to break my Spark Streak for exercising, but I'm SO exhausted today! Someone tell me so BIRDLOVER-CJ 8 MWHIGGINS
9/23/20 8:24 P
It’s Wednesday... and my week has taken an unexpected turn. My dad was taken to the hospital by amb MIAMI_LILLY 118 ANNIEONLI
9/24/20 6:27 A
I just ran across this, and had to share it here. Good night/good morning/good whatever-time-it-is w RREDFORD5 31 ERIN_POSCH
9/22/20 10:42 A
Really missing my walks. Both feet have turned against me. Im in a lot of pain and having to elevate RAMONA1954 13 JAMER123
9/22/20 10:51 P
How come "This Week's Spark Spotlight" never changes? ;-) BIRDLOVER-CJ 3 WHITECAT19
9/22/20 4:48 P
Went for a gorgeous walk today. These Canada geese were living their best life. 💜 GARDEN_WITCH 23 ALLYLIZZY
9/22/20 12:23 P
Excited about a new gift from my husband! BIRDLOVER-CJ 15 WHITECAT19
9/21/20 10:13 P
Stop in and Introduce Yourself! THM_DEB 349 SUNNYCALIGIRL
9/23/20 8:32 P
One hour walk around a local park. Now my husband is treating me to a diet 🍒 limeade from Sonic. � BIRDLOVER-CJ 3 WHITECAT19
9/21/20 1:01 P
Anyone else feed as though you are making so many mistakes (nutrition and exercise-wise) but learnin BIRDLOVER-CJ 15 WHITECAT19
9/20/20 4:41 P
Anyone know if VeryFitPro app works with SparkPeople? Thinking of buying an activity tracker that us BIRDLOVER-CJ 4 WLHOPE
9/17/20 8:23 P
Back hurting so did 30 minutes of back exercises. Love that I can now find physical therapist videos BIRDLOVER-CJ 5 WHITECAT19
9/17/20 10:23 P