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Monday, October 26, 2020

Had to try hard to stay a happy camper today. I subbed for the 4th grader teacher only to find out she isn't just in quarantine, she actually HAS Covid, and so does her husband, and most of his relatives, and most of her relatives, and my principal knew that last week, and had no intention of telling us. Fine, I get privacy and not wanting to cause a panic and all, but my system is extremely compromised right now with all the surgeries and procedures I've had done. The LEAST they could have done was clean and disinfect the room, which they did not.

She is extremely organized and left me excellent notes, and has all the copies made for the week, and was obviously at school this weekend prepping instead of home where she belonged. I know the room wasn't cleaned because of the obvious stuff all over the surfaces, coffee rings and such. So I started cleaning with the antibacterial wipes on all the places she would use, like her desks and podium, keyboard etc. They all came up filthy. I disinfected everything I touched multiple times throughout the day. Just ticks me off that the room wasn't cleaned and disinfected over the weekend. Our janitor is a sweetheart, and would have done it, had he been told, which he wasn't.

On the upside, with her excellent organization and preparation, my day was a dream. The kiddos are all real sweethearts and we had a great day. They were helpful and honest, and never once said, "That's not how Mrs. R does it.". The time passed quickly and I thoroughly enjoyed their personalities and enthusiasm for everything we worked on. Not one complaint out of them all day, even when we were stuck indoors for recess. It was a nice change of pace for a day.

Tomorrow, I get to sub in the afternoon for the Kindergarten teacher while she takes her son to his 4 month checkup. That will be a whole different animal. They are a wild bunch, but fun and sweet. It is next to impossible to find enough subs these days, so they cancel my classes and use me. Then later they will complain that my kids are not catching up quickly enough, but what else can we do? It's not like we can double up classes and still have any kind of social distancing at all.

Variety is the spice of life. Some spices are more desirable than others though. I should be hot and spicy by the time this week is over.
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  • _CYNDY55_
    37 days ago
    You do know your principle is a jerk, don’t you? I’d use harsher words, but you are a good Christian woman. If you get COVID, & the principal knew you, with your compromised system, & got ill, would that be workers comp or assault with a deadly weapon?
    37 days ago

    I am afraid I might say something rather un-Christian if I comment fully right now. I am praying you do not get the virus! Praying for the whole situation. You do need to speak to the principal. He needs to be aware that his actions are inappropriate and are putting people in danger.

    Lord have mercy!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    37 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    38 days ago

    Well, maybe the protocol should be....

    If anyone in a classroom is absent for any contagious disease related reason...
    the room is cleaned/disinfected by appropriately protected staff
    before being re-entered by any body whether students or adults.

    that would eliminate the fear of privacy invasion.

    just a thought

    if the teacher is out with covid... have the students been tested? are they safe?
    Prayers for schools everywhere.
    38 days ago
    OMG. A similar situation at my son's school district.
    38 days ago
    emoticon Stay safe & well
    38 days ago
    OH my gosh! In any case, Covid or not, that teacher was out ill and the janitor should have been told to disinfect the room. He doesn't have to necessarily be told it's Covid, I suppose, but I am thinking it sure would have been more beneficial!

    Glad you made it through the day. PHEW.

    38 days ago
  • LIS193
    Stay safe and well, take care of yourself
    38 days ago
    I am angry on your behalf! That is not just wrong it's darned right irresponsible!!

    What part of Covid is a deadly virus does that moron boss of yours not compute?. Sheesh

    Glad you had the good sense clean and keep yourself safe. At least the teacher had the foresight to leave you with good notes and prep. SHE is to be applauded. And good that the kids made your job enjoyable.

    Seriously, do you have a teachers' union there? Your boss really should be dragged across the coals for the battened disregard for your safety. unbelievable! emoticon
    38 days ago
    sorry to hear that the room wasn't cleaned before you got in. i think the local school cleans and sanitizes the rooms on a regular basis.
    it's nice things were prepared and the students were nice.
    take care and stay safe. (((HUGS)))
    38 days ago
    That just isn't right - you have a right to know and also they should have disinfected the room before you and the students returned.
    38 days ago
    Your principal really should have told you. Thank goodness the kids were enjoyable.
    38 days ago
    I'm really not liking your principal again. He is behaving totally irresponsible and giving no thought to others' safety. As you said, you are in a compromised health situation and should not have been exposed to an unsterilized classroom. At least the lessons were prepared for you and the children were all behaving great.
    I hope tomorrow goes pretty well with the kindergarteners. What are your students doing all the time you are absent? Are they supposed to be teaching themselves?

    God bless you. Teachers sure don't get enough praise.

    38 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I really hate the fact that the classroom was not sanitized for you. Praying for the teacher and her family. Very sad.
    38 days ago
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