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09/29/20 Sing

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

"Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats."

"OK. Now what?"

The manager of a ladies’ dress shop decided it was time to have a serious talk with one of her sales clerks. “Janet, your figures are well below any of our other sales clerks’. I’m sorry to say that unless you can improve your record soon, we will have to let you go.”
“I’m sorry, ma’am,” Janet humbly replied. “Is there any advice you could give me on how to do better?”
“There is an old trick I can tell you about,” the manager said. “It may sound silly, but it has worked for me in the past. Go through a dictionary until you come to a word that has particular power for you. Memorize it and work it into your sales pitch whenever it seems appropriate. You’ll be amazed at the results.”
Sure enough, Janet’s sales figures improved, and at the end of the month the manager called her in again and congratulated her. “Did you try my little trick?” she asked.
“Yes,” Janet nodded. “It took me an entire weekend to find just the right word, but I did … ‘Fantastic’.”
“‘Fantastic’. What an excellent word,” the manager said encouragingly. “How have you been using it?”
“Well, my first customer on Monday was a woman who told me her little girl had just been accepted at the most exclusive prep school in the city. I said, ‘Fantastic.’ She went on to tell me how her daughter always got straight A’s and was the most popular girl in her class. I said ‘Fantastic’ and she bought $450 worth of clothing.”
“My next customer,” Janet continued, “told me she was in charge of the Spring Ball at the country club and needed a new formal dress. I said ‘Fantastic.’ She went on to tell me she had the best figure of anyone on the committee and her husband makes the most money. I said ‘Fantastic’ and she not only bought the designer gown, but hundreds of dollars of other merchandise. It’s been like that all week: the customers keep boasting, I keep saying ‘Fantastic’, and they keep buying.”
“Excellent work, Janet,” complimented the manager. “Out of curiosity, what did you used to say to customers before you discovered your power word?”
“I used to say, ‘Who gives a sh*t!'” Janet replied with a shrug.

It's National Biscotti Day! Originated in the city of Prato as an almond biscuit, biscotti are twice-baked, oblong-shaped, dry, crunchy, and may be dipped in a drink of your choice.
--Confucius Day: jokes asides, he is known as the greatest philosopher, living around 551 B.C.
--Michaelmas Day: today is a Christian holiday which honors the archangel Michael and all other angels.
--Goose Day: associated with Michaelmas, today is the superstition of having a goose at this time is supposed to bring good fortune over the next year.
--Poisoned Blackberries Day: also associated with Michaelmas; today is the superstition that when Lucifer was cast out, he landed on a blackberry bush so he cursed and spit on it, so blackberries are to be avoided around Michaelmas.
--National Attend Your Grandchild's Birthday Day: today is a day to remind us grandparents to maintain connections and bonds with our grandchildren; don't have to tell me twice.
--National Coffee Day: today celebrates the long history of that flavorful drink; it is believed to have been brought to Europe in the early 1600's; various vendors such as Starbucks and Dunkins are offering discounts.
--National Mocha Day: today is a complement to Coffee Day; a salute to a very special type of coffee bean; the small, irregular-shaped coffee beans of plants grown in the mountainous regions of Yemen that produce an earthy, strong coffee of usually medium to high acidity.
--National Starbucks Day: in tandem with National Coffee Day, we now have a celebration of the company that means coffee.
--VFW Day: today celebrates the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization and all they do for the veterans and their families; the VFW was established by James C. Putnam on September 29, 1899, in Columbus, Ohio.
--World Heart Day: today raises awareness of heart diseases and strokes and educates about prevention through healthy lifestyles.

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