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Happy May Day

Friday, May 01, 2020

It's been a very difficult new year, as well as very discouraging. Even so, we move forward in hope and with positive thinking. At the least, it's a very interesting time in history and instead of reading about it, we are living through it. Similarly, we often hear people talk of disaster and difficult times but it's hard to understand until a person has actually lived through them.

For us, last year ended pretty good, we had one foster daughter adopted and were getting close to adopting the second. At that time, things seemed to be going pretty well for us but the second girl was having some issues in school. Then Christmas break and the new year full of new hopes. Our second foster daughter was set to be adopted at the end of January and everything seemed to be moving towards a happy future for these two sisters we had fostered and would soon have as our adopted daughters.

With the end of being foster children, we seen great improvements in their behavior and attitudes and life was looking great for all of us, one big, happy, family. But, then about mid February, the younger girl started having some problems in school and a change in her personality. She had met a new girl who had just started school, and it was a bad friendship right form the start.

At the same time, Corvid-19 reached our shores and was starting to grab hold. We also had our bouts with illness, although at the time, we didn't even consider it to possibly be Corona; in fact, I had gotten a bad chest cold and teased the girls that I had Corona. They chewed me out in a lighthearted manner stating I could jinx myself.

Then came March, still a lot of problems with the youngest daughter and things got worse, the schools closed and we had stay-at-home orders. It stopped her from interacting with the bad friend, but it also stopped her from interacting outside the home, something very difficult for her to comprehend. She already had issues, and now things had gotten much worse; without anyone else to blame, it turned towards me for enforcing the new rules. At the same time, she managed to find secretive ways to stay in touch with her friend, who now seemed to influence her even more. By mid month, she had run away, but she was soon found and returned home.

Because of the social distancing and stay-at-home orders, we had no assistance with getting her the help she needed, and struggled forward. She did good for a while, but her personality was still off an she wasn't quite herself. We did what we could, but until things improved with the pandemic, we really couldn't get much for help.

Then, two weeks ago, she ran again. This time she took money, debit cards, and had seemed to have a plan, possibly someone assisting her. With the pandemic and everyone being afraid of getting sick, a girl just short of being a teen was able to use a debit car and purchase a burner phone, food, blankets, and supplies to last her for a while. Even though it was costing us money we couldn't afford to spend with the pandemic, it showed us and police where she was at, and soon they had her in their custody.

Of course, she didn't want to come home, we had been doing our best to keep her from contacting the person who it seemed was assisting her, and causing so many problems; she also knew she was deep into trouble for what she had done. She did her best to convince law enforcement to not bring her home, but there wasn't any other choice for them.

Without going into a lot of detail, since she had ran twice, refused to return home, and had made some untrue allegations, she was placed in the care of social services. For us, it means we can finally get some help, but it meant going through court and proving that we were a good home for her. It also could have cause the older sister to lose her home, and it created a lot of problems for everyone.

Now, she has a lot of therapy and help coming her way, we managed to maintain custody and are now working with the same people who wouldn't help us when we asked, but hey, she's getting the help she needs and that's the important thing. Her sister is still at home and things are beginning to move forward again.

Today we talked to a couple about renting a place far from the city we now live in. We will be, if they accept our application, living in a rural area by lakes and away from all the troubles we found here. Tomorrow is the last day of our stay-at-home order and things will take steps at returning to normal, although social distancing is going to be with us for a while yet.

Our older daughter is excited about moving, so we are praying we get the place. She does have a very good friend her, but we will make sure they will stay in contact. With cell phones, social apps, they can keep in contact, and we will make the drive at least once a month to let them visit and spend time together, as I'm sure her friends parents will also do.

Like it was at the beginning of the the year, so it seems things are falling into place again, I know it's going to take time, but with the new month we also see new possibilities and new hopes; Happy May Day!
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