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A Small Non-Scale Victory Followed by a Week of BLAH

Friday, March 06, 2020

Years ago, I bought an ankle bracelet with little bells on it -- the kind belly dancers wear. I was teaching middle school at the time, and liked wearing it to work. In general, I like jewelry that moves, and I especially like jewelry that makes sounds, like the happy tinkling of the bells on that bracelet.

At some point, the bracelet got too tight, and stuck somewhere -- I don't even remember where I eventually found it, tucked into storage in a random box in our closet-room (there's a tiny room in our house that could be a bedroom or a nursery, but we use it as a walk-in closet). Anyhow, I found it about a year ago and it still didn't fit. It was about an inch too short to clasp. I put it with my other jewelry and have been thinking about who I could give it to that might appreciate it as much as I had.

Last week, I tried it on. AND IT FIT. Comfortably, even. I was absolutely shocked.

I'm pretty sure I could wear my size 14 pants comfortably at this point as well, though I haven't been. In fact I've still been wearing mostly my size 18 pants, partly because I want to be able to wear a layer under them (leggings or long johns or whatever) and partly because I sit at work most of the time and even slightly tight pants pinch.

Anyway, I should probably take measurements soon and see what, exactly, has changed.

Last week was a good week, both for nutrition and for exercise. This week, though, has been pretty awful. I've had some kind of low-grade yuck. It's so vague, it could be allergies. I can't really tell. I've had a nonstop headache all week, my sinuses hurt off and on, I've got head congestion off and on, and my ears and throat have been a little sore off and on. All of those things could be either a mild cold or allergy symptoms. The overwhelming exhaustion that has accompanied all this doesn't feel so much like allergies, but you never know.

Tree pollen here is really bad right now. (Chattanooga, where I live, is in the top three worst cities for allergies every single year.) I'm going to try taking an antihistamine twice a day instead of just once to see if that helps. (That's what my PCP told me to do a couple of years ago and it did help at that time.)

But, thanks to feeling a little off, I haven't done much of anything. I skipped the gym all week (next week's going to be rough!) and although I made pretty decent food choices, I did cave and eat a couple of high carb meals just out of sheer tiredness. I haven't even really done much work this week and I need to be hustling to find a couple of new clients.

I'm hoping to return to my regularly scheduled programming next week and get back to the gym, even though I have some concerns about social distancing in order to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

I really wanted March to be a stellar health month and it still can be. Even if I don't go to the gym as much, I can still run and workout here. It's just a matter of making it happen.

Happy spring, friends. Let's be kind to ourselves as the seasons begin to turn.

Photo is of some asparagus, taken a few years ago. I laid down in my garden trying to get the asparagus and the sky in the same picture and was pleased with how it made the asparagus look giant.

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