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Thursday, January 09, 2020

Today is day 2855 of SPARKING everyday!!!!! Great streak!!
emoticon 1-9-2020 We found answer to DH major pain! emoticon been VERY intense around here! REALLY helps to know WHY. It has been going on since 12-22-19! (we missed Christmas AND New Years, but happy to understand) After EVERY conceivable test, He pulled/tore a mussel. Rest for him AND me! emoticon It will take some more time for him to heal, but he is on his way! YEAH! emoticon emoticon EVERYONE for your support, emoticon Coming to SP land is what helped me get through all the chaos! emoticon


2019 (44 years of celebration!)

emoticon 1-10-2020 Today is the first day, in 19 that feels normal. I actually hope it gets boring around here!!!! DH working at computer today, slowly, but surely. I'm still bringing him food & doing all the care-giving things.... but SO happy he is getting stronger, too! His small business needs to go on, it can't with out him. Luckily our clients are just now getting back into their offices. So we didn't miss too many requests. & now I'm able to go shopping & walk Lucy, without feeling like he may pass over, when I walk out the door. SO MUCH STRESS NOT KNOWING!!!!! I'm up 1.5# & ok with it. I KNOW it is stress related! Thank you all again, for your support.......couldn't have done it without you, NO REALLY! emoticon

(photo by SP friend, RUTHIEBEAR)

emoticon 1-11-20 My life is starting to 'get back to normal' tiny bit, by bit! DH is trying to REALLY get better. He came down for dinner, yesterday. THAT is a big deal! First time in 19 days. I made us Pecan- cod & a large Salad. Yummy! Light & easy, but glad to have 'date' night with him. We also watched Young Sheldon. (miss the Big Bang Theory) He's resting today.
I'm going for a hike in my favorite Nature Preserve......soon! emoticon emoticon Happy Saturday, everyone!

I took this photo several years ago!

Sunrise at Nature Preserve, waiting to see the beavers! There are 82 of them there. REALLY unusual for this high desert!

1-11-2020 Yesterdays hike at the Nature Preserve, was so fun! I watched an Egret take flight!!!!

emoticon 1-14-2020 emoticon emoticon Making crock pot turkey, today! I have butcher cut a frozen turkey up into 1/4, defrost & cook each section, when I'm in the mood. It is in strange shapes, but so yummy. I'll bake yams, too. Salad & broccoli tops it off! I LOVE our crock pot & toaster oven, I can cook complete meals with those 2 items. Although we have a full kitchen. Great for sandwiches & soup, later! Try it, hassle free! Have a healthy day & I will too!

(more from hike on Saturday)

1-17-20202 emoticon need to rest, today, been at it all day! Hope you are all well! Hike tomorrow. emoticon Happy weekend everyone! May it be blessed!

emoticon 1-18-2020 emoticon emoticon emoticon AND emoticon to my Fairy God Daughter! She is 9 years old today!

(with her Dad)

emoticon 1-20-2020 Sunday is my re-group day! It was GREAT! Especially because the 49 ers WON! emoticon I got most of the laundry done, but lot's of rest, too! emoticon Today the Nature Preserve is celebrating Martin Luther Kings day, by having the children draw their dreams. Then they are on display for several weeks.I'm going to hike & play, too! PLEASE, let's all learn to love EVERY being on our beautiful planet & share that love with joy! Have a fabulous day! emoticon emoticon

emoticon 1-21-2020 Hope you all are well! I'm making veggie-turkey soup, emoticon today. emoticon Last night our LUCY dog, emoticon had a hard time standing & fell down the carpeted stairs. I'm keeping a VERY close eye on her, today. She seems ok, now! Scary! She has been having hip, things going on. We love her so!

photo from this morning

1-22-2020 emoticon for your comment about our sweet LUCY, emoticon . She seems better today. She is 15 & having a hard time in hips. Not jumping on sofa or anything. She's not walking as far as she use to, either. Otherwise she is in very good health. I'm keeping her kinda of relaxed. Not pushing her. She use to be able to walk much farther than me, by miles. That has changed. We love her so much! emoticon I made us all turkey soup yesterday. I ALWAYS make a batch for her, no spices, no onions, no salt or pepper, etc. Bad for dogs. emoticon She loves it, too!

(photo from yesterday, LUCY surveying her world, waiting for her 'dad' to get well!)

emoticon So since Dec. 23 my DH has been VERY sick. Today he is MUCH better! I am SO thrilled! It has been a VERY hard month! So glad he survived emoticon , it was a little too close for my comfort! Our wonderful dog, LUCY fell down the stairs a few days ago, she, too, is better today! emoticon I hope to walk her today, she has been resting, since the fall. emoticon I am doing GREAT because our little family seems to be getting better, again! emoticon Hope yo are ALL doing wonderfully! THX for your support!

(DH performing with my Mom, 1971)

emoticon 1-24-2020 I've been compiling a list of well known guests that came to our family's permanent puppet theater emoticon my mom asked for it, for her remembrances & fun! SO many wonderful people, here is a partial list, not sure if you are interested, or would even remember them, but here you go:

Cary Grant (Cary told me that I had a ‘gift’ & that he is a fan of mine), Cary & Diane daughter Jennifer Grant; Diane Cannon; Phyllis Diller; Mel Brooks; Gene Wilder; Bill Cosby; Natalie & Lana Wood; Robert Wagner; Angie Dickenson; Frank Zappa; Lou Rauls; Jacque Coustu; James & Josh Brolin; Cher; Sammy Davis Jr.; Clark Gable Jr.; Charo; Carol Burnette; Harvey Corman; Tim Conway; Mike Farrell; Dick & Jerry Van Dyke; Joan Rivers; Jack Lemmon; Gregory Peck; Barrymore Family; Buddy Hackett (our first!); Henry Mancini; The Sherman Bros.; Smothers Bros.; Nat King Cole; Melissa Gilbert; Gloria Loring; Mickey Roonie; Jon Erickson; Eleanor Donahue; Bill Dana; Paul Winchell; The Nelsons; Ozzie, Harriett, Ricky. Gary Marshall; Mary Ann Mobley (Miss America); Michael Constantine; Barbara Ruick (Cinderella & Little Mermaid); Pat Carrol; Totti Fields; Bobby Troupe; Julie London; Anthony Quinn- his house; Wayne Newton (his Estate in Las Vegas; Jan Clayton; John Barrymore (Drew’s Dad); Sherman Bros.; Cokie Roberts (reporter); The entire Dodgers team (Don Drysdale was pitcher & brought the team to my 10 B’Day) Vance Colving (BOZO the clown & his father, the original BOZO); Honey West; Jack Cousteau (his family all came many times); Spike Jones; Shirley Jones; David Cassidy; Anthony Quinn; Doris Day; Fred Gwynne; Yvonne de Carlo; Ernest Borgnine;
“I Dream of Jeannie” cast; Barbara Eden; Larry Hagman; Bill Daily; Cast of “Bewitched”: Elizabeth Montgomery; Dick York; Agnes Moorhead; David White; Dick Sargent; Marion Lorne; Paul Lynde; Erin Murphy;

(I was 10 years old in this photo, performing with BOZO)

My sharing: 1-26-2020 Yesterday I went to an awards show for the volunteers the Nature Preserve. I've been there doing my performances for 4 yrs, now! Over 500 hours, LOVE it! It feels so GREAT to give, in this way. The awards are just a way of feeling apart of the group. There are 145 volunteers, now!! When I started 4 years ago there were only 60 of us. The Preserve is growing quickly, & beautifully!

On my hike before awards. The sky was SO pretty!!!!

emoticon 1-28-2020 I've been doing a bit of clean up today & found a cd (LOL) of photos I submitted for a camera club, I use to belong to. Fun seeing awards from my past! 2010 Here are a few of them:




emoticon emoticon January! 1-31-2020= my thoughts for this day. I've been packing up my marionettes to perform at Nature Preserve, tomorrow. Should be a lovely group! I'm trying out a new number. I'm sure the audience will love it!

My Forever Friend's daughter is about to have a baby. First new born in years, for our 'family' I'm so excited! Sending them a present of stuffed Owls. That is the theme for baby Abigail emoticon emoticon Life is pretty exciting, now! I am VERY blessed! Have a great weekend, be save & healthy! ! GO San Francisco 49ers.

emoticon 2-3-2020 My performance on Saturday, was SO fun! The audience was amazing, the weather perfect (70 degrees, unusual for us) & I just had a wonderful time volunteering. Have fun EVERYONE!!!!!

(the audience performs, too!)

(performing JANii)

emoticon 2-4-2020 A GOOD SUBJECT FOR ALL OF US:
Having clutter can be really a mess. Every day I do a 15 minute 'sweep' from our wonderful team FLYLADY. Getting everything tidy. Outside, too! STUFF: The way I do it, is take 1 tiny space at a time, DAILY. Like a drawer or shelf ??? My DH likes his things, too. We are both collectors. My mom- our family are marionette artist. I keep all of her things, since 1958, many in a storage unit, if I'm not using them in my performances. I just recently 'willed' them to friends that wanted them & that know their worth.

I like having several choices in clothes. I have WAY too many tops & sweaters, but I DO like wearing several different things, daily. Also our weather is VERY mixed. (lows in the 30's & highs in the 117! I don't put away my winter things. IF I pick something out I haven't used in a year or 2, I donate. I have a LARGE bag in our closet, just for it! Hope this helps you! I KNOW there are many ways to deal with it, this is how I do. We DID just redo our living room. First time in 20 years! We keep it VERY uncluttered, nice to watch new TV & visit with friends & for date nights. A work in progress! emoticon

emoticon 2-7-2020 Here is another photo from my performance, last Saturday! He's darling, right? Sending you all love, from me to you!

2-8-2020 Off to walk in the sunshine! emoticon

2-10-2020 from Saturdays' hike:

2-11-2020 the following is a letter to our team SLIGHTLY OFF THE WALL:

Being an artist myself, I love seeing & appreciate everyone's art in this thread! Cheri, so WONDERFUL!

We make the marionettes for my shows, Mom & DH & me & several others over the years. (Starting in 1958) My favorite part is the costuming! (I think of my body as a blank canvas everyday, for what I might wear). It takes us about 9 months to make 1 from scratch. Our 'recipe' = Start with the idea (is it apart of a themed show, Circus, Jungle, Christmas, nature or just performing by it's self as in Barbra Streisand, Carol Burnett or Barry Manilow when we make a STAR, they get a copy, too) ) -sculpt-make cast- pour manikin rubber in cast-pull out & sand & paint & holes for eyes, mouth or anything moving, eyebrows, etc.- same process with hands, legs, feet, anything showing skin- wood bodies- airplane control out of lathed spindles- pad bodies- put 'underwear' over entire body- attach head, hands, legs, feet or make shoes (I have a 1920's Singer leather machine for this) - costume- stringing (I like stringing too, it is like stringing a guitar or other instrument, if a part moves, then it has a string!- It is a long process, but SO worth it! I am more of a performing artist, these days. I have 150 to play with.They are 'camera' ready & get redone about every 2 years depending upon how often they 'work'. Mom & team have made over 5,000 with us. We really don't need to make any more. Her last was JANii, I've shared photos, Joel Osteen and a few others. Mom is teaching about GODDESSES & women's Play shops, now, not performing. Here's a few photos

I'm not sure why I was inspired to share this today, but Cheri's art made me think you all would be interested! Don't mean to bore you, just I am Slightly Off The Wall! emoticon

emoticon for asking 2-13-2020 About my sweet DH; Yes! DH is SO much better! 5 weeks of pain & now back to a new normal! emoticon It was SO weird, doctors couldn't find anything wrong, but they sure gave him EVERY test in the world, VA is VERY complete with tests! His primary thinks it was a torn mussel where his back surgery was. We are back to his business & getting our world back together as best we can. We work & play VERY well together! I love him so much, even after 50 years of knowing him! emoticon

(photo of him with our Great niece, about 8 years ago, sweet photo, right?)

2-14-2020 Yesterday, I had to take LUCY dogie into vet for blood tests, about new drug. It has put her WAY out of balance. Trying different things. 2 more weeks another blood test. Hope she is ok, she's in GREAT spirits & happy, not sure why test came back so very unbalanced. Hope your meds are getting better, too!

2 weeks ago

emoticon 2-15-2020 DH & I had a great day, celebrating our love! We do every day, but with him being VERY sick for 5 weeks at Christmas time, it felt wonderful to just have a normal, date night!!!! LUCY emoticon is more energetic today! YEAH!

Happy beautiful Saturday!!!! Have fun & play, too! I'm off to hike & read some of 2BDYNAMIC new book! emoticon emoticon

emoticon 2-16-2020 About Chocolate, We don't eat it very often. BUT when I do it is my favorite.... not the junk that can come in the boxes. 'See's' is my favorite! DH bought me 12 HUGE chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's day. Delivered to our home, 3 flavors of chocolate, 134 calories each! That's been our chocolate fix, for now!

Yesterday's hike was longer than usual, 3.5 hours. I stopped & read some of 2B's amazing new book. I've read up to Chapter 7. It is funny how we all have our pasts, BUT how we deal with them is how we truly 'become'! & to meet here, in Spark Land! We have several things in common, mostly timing. I'm younger than her, but similar memories about the world around us. After reading these first chapters, I can truly remember how VERY blessed I was as a child. My Mom supported me/us by saying, "Follow your dreams, no matter how strange or big they are". She was & still is my biggest fan & my mentor. If there was a 'bad guy' in my history, it would be my rater violent brother, 4 years old. & truly was VERY mean to me, the 'baby'. There is A LOT I could say about him, but I made it to this part of my life, alive, so no need to go into that. (Funny it is his B'Day today & I wish him well, as I do not see him, ever.) GREAT job, 2B, hope to get back to reading more, soon. My world is very complex, so finding time to read is not a priority.

Hoping YOUR Sunday is blessed, I am back to household chores. I love our home & am VERY grateful to have one!

(Blue Harron from yesterday's hike!)

2-17-2020 emoticon My life is VERY special! My Mom (& our family) created our BIG marionette theater, because not only did she teach us to follow OUR dreams, she followed HERS! Still is, at 91!

(Mom & Me for her 91st BDay last November)

emoticon 2-23-2020 My Fairy GRAND daughter was born Saturday!!!! 2-22-2020, Woo Hoo, we are all so blessed! The family comes home today!

emoticon 2-26-2020 Thx for your comments about our newest precious Fairy GRAND daughter angel!!!!!!
We are working in the 'field' today, more tomorrow! emoticon

It has been the HOTTEST January in Southern NV, since 141 years ago! It IS like spring, here. emoticon Hope it cools down enough to feel like winter again! emoticon

, (day 2.5 of baby being born & she's home, now. I didn't think I would be '1 of those' Fairy God Mothers, showing photos, daily, but here I am!)

2-27-2020 emoticon My car is the FIRST 1 ever we bought new. (before I've owned 3 other cars) We leased it & because we knew EVERY mile, DH took out a loan so we could buy it outright. I'm still driving it! It's paid off (& so is his) & I finally found a FABULOUS mechanic. 2005 Hyundai Tucson. Aspen green, kinda a pretty sea foam color. It now has 96,000 on it. The biggest secret for this car, anyway, is I change the oil & have it checked out EVERY 3,000 no matter what. I KNOW the dealerships say the new cars don't need it that often, but having someone else eyes, changing filters, etc. on it helps me. I live in a desert, my car sleeps outside. Our temps go from 30-119, over the year! It is pre-bells & whistles. Has a tape player & cd! (My shows are on tapes & cd, so I can hear them going to my performance) Not "smart" but gets me to my performances, GREAT! I hand wipe it down inside & out,several times a month & have it cleaned, when it needed it. I am VERY happy with it, it drives me to errands, performances & trips! I am VERY blessed to have found it. I studied for about a year, before I chose this exact style.

emoticon 3-1-2020 Yesterdays hike was fun! This photo I call, "Can you find the large Blue Heron?" PS... it is not flying & I promise he is there!

emoticon 3-3-2020 Today is World Wildlife day! Let us all celebrate our world & the beings upon it! Share your love & I will too! emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon 3-5-2020 So, yesterday I went to Costco, for our 'regular' supplies. The place was in almost a panic. The water bottles were flying off the shelves. They said there had been 4 semi trucks delivering water. ALL the beans, rice, canned fish, canned chicken & broth, GONE. No hand wipes or alcohol, etc..... Seriously, it was chaos. Mind you we live in the SW Nevada. NO corona viruses here. I have to say, it kinda impacted me. I bought a few more things than usual. I can see how hard it is not be effected by the drama & fear that is going on in the world. Los Angels is closed to travel. (We are 4 hours away) . So we, ALL of us, REALLY need to stand up & bring MORE joy to the planet. NOT let the thoughts spread into panic.I have a SP friend GINASPARKS3 , she lives in China. The following is from her, about the situation: I'm sharing this to hopefully help every one be informed & keep a level head! emoticon

Hi everybody! Hope you all are well.Things are looking up here, it has been 6 days with no new virus cases in our city! Yay! And in our city now 50% of businesses have been given permission to reopen. We are still under night curfew and required to wear masks in public, and schools may be closed until April, but it is such great positive progress. The vast majority of those who have caught the virus are recovering. The authorities are still advising us to stay inside as much as possible - it is now day 35 for me. But we can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

After reading in the news that the COVID-19 is spreading globally I thought to share a few tips that have gone such a long way here to keep people safe. They are simple practical common sense measures, not expensive to implement, but they go a long way in stopping the virus in it's tracks.

1. Don't panic: The news media always plays up the worst because that is what sells. Instead, educate yourself about how to keep safe and prevent getting sick.
2. Wash hands: The most effective way to prevent getting sick is to wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds with soap. It is the number one thing to do. Washing hands before touching your face, mouth, eyes is the way to stop the spread..Wash your hands after coming in from outside, after coughing and sneezing, after handling objects other touch.
3. Alcohol hand sanitizer: If you are out and cannot wash your hands, use an alcohol based hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands. Be liberal with it for good protection..
4. Keep away from crowds: Masks are good, but if you are out in public stay 4 or 5 feet apart from others. Avoid crowded places.
5. Get good sleep. Sleep is great for boosting your immune system
6. Eat lots of healthy vegetables and fruits which also help build immunity.]
7. Exercise. Maybe not at the gym where others touch equipment, but at home or in the fresh air. Staying fit helps protect you from getting sick.
8. Stay positive. Don't dwell on what you can't do during a time you have to stay inside more. Find things to occupy your time. Chat with friends online or on the phone, learn to use new computer programs, learn to play an instrument, read,. start a handyman project or home craft. There are all sorts of interesting worthwhile things to do.
9. Don't binge eat. The answer is not in the fridge, never was and never will be. Allow yourself some special measured treats. Try to limit excess.
10. Stay connected with others you care about: Even if you can't meet in person, stay close to others through social media, phone, snail mail, whatever. Humans thrive on connection and when things seem scary, we need each other more than ever..
11. .Laugh! This is the time to watch funny movies, TV series, funny books and stories.Find things to make you laugh until you cry. Laughter helps relieve stress and boost the immune system.
12. If you have a bad day, realize that everyone does sometimes. Don't beat yourself up. These are stressful times, and we are only human. Remember though, that the sun will come out again soon. We will get through this and be stronger because of it all
13. Prepare. You don't need to hoard, but try to use common sense and have things on hand that may become difficult to get later. This includes some masks, hand sanitizer, and alcohol to disinfect door knobs, key boards, light switches and parcels. Try to have some canned or frozen foods or dry goods, on hand, as well as pet food, and toilet paper, and a basic first aid kit..These things are good to have on hand at any time.
14. Give yourself a pat on the back! You have the courage to get through tough times, and come out better for it.

Hope these suggestions help. You always feel better knowing you have done what you can to stay healthy.

emoticon 3-7-2020 My world emoticon seems to be going better. LUCY pup is responding to new medications. DH is doing good, I finally had a chance to put away the Costco food. We are good for several weeks, no matter what. Just keeping to my regular routine, as best I can. DH business is growing, YEAH! He is staying healthy & we are keeping home, unless really needed to go out. I DO plan on hiking emoticon at my favorite nature preserve, tomorrow. Then Monday, I have reservations, I'm taking a class about my new iPhone & plan on going to the Belligio indoor gardens. Maybe lunch out, by the indoor garden. I'll make that decision, Monday. IF virus spreads here I might rethink that. Want to have fun AND see the exhibit before they close it, for the new one. All in all, life is good & we are VERY blessed to be together & healthy! Hope you are too!

(thanks to MILLER-S for photo & words of encouragement!)

3-9-2020 Just finished my SP Nicole 12 minute seated core workout. Feels great to stretch! I'm off to DH work land. Keeping joy filled & happy, as our world changes, daily! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

3-11-2020 Be happy & healthy, everyone!!!! emoticon

(I bought these daffodils at Trader Joe's. They come in a box, dry. When you cut & put into water, they bloom. SO pretty, right? $3.00 for 2 sets! Just wanted to send you a bit of sunshine from me to YOU)

emoticon 3-13-2020 Sad to say our world here in Vegas, is closing down. Casinos, buffets, My favorite Nature Preserve & my performances; schools still open. Some children need to go to school for food. emoticon I am keeping a sunny side up & spreading joy when ever I can! I KNOW you are too! emoticon

I hope to get out to at least walk today, we have had as much rain in the past 2 days, as we usually get for the year, YIKES!!!!

Stay safe everyone!!!!

3-14-2020 We ALL will get through this, world crisis. ! Living in Vegas, it is REALLY hard, as more & more theaters, casinos, public places close down more, today. ALL live shows have been canceled. We are an entertainment destination. REALLY weird, staying home! I am such a social lady, hiking with friends &&&&. Our stores are the same as everyone, almost empty. Amazing the world's focus on this, now, rather than the elections & who is running our country. I think this is the terrorist, we don't need outside influences, right? & the 'trauma' hasn't even really started! I AM so very happy we still have internet. I heard some places have closed it down, for emergency personal only! I know I am going on & on, but YOU help me feel like all will be OK! IF we get no internet, just KNOW I am here sending you ALL good ((((((((vibes)))))) of health & happiness!Keep your sunny side up!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon . Thank you for being 'here'!

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