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10-16-19 Welcome to my "journal" come back many times, I add to it many times!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

WELCOME to my personal Journal!!!! THX for being my SP friend! I will add to this MANY times before I write a new one. IF you want to read my last one, I added to it, MANY times. I KNOW you have busy lives, too. Just want you to know, as I share myself with you!

emoticon 10-16-19 I've been catching up with work & lot's of 'projects' on my table behind my desk. I can see the bottom, now! YEAH! I still have things to do, but work is happening so that's where I'm focusing!!!!

I'm on day 29 of my small goal of keeping between 80-100%, Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually, daily. I'm doing it for 30 days. It IS working!!!!! Down 7#, more energy; better fitting clothes; AND more confidence!!!! emoticon

Also; I am Performing on 10-25 @ Nature Preserve. They are having an autumn festival. I will use the marionettes like AMBASSADORS. My Scarecrow- ALFALFA & newest JANII, will go with me.

Also planning another trip to pick up my Mom (she's in another state) & play she is my FAVORITE playmate! It's her B'Day time, mid November. She will be 91. IF it doesn't snow, near her home, I can make the trip! The hotel knows me & said IF it does snow, they will let me out of reservation without having to pay.

Then I just signed up for the LV Santa 5K, Dec. 7. Me AND 15,000 other Santa's!

Then I perform my show at Nature Preserve, HOLIDAY ON STRINGS, Dec. 14.
So now you are all caught up with me! How are all of you doing????

(Mom at 89 years)



(This year will be my 11th Santa 5K, I walk it!)


Today: emoticon 10-17-19 About my DH. He is the love of my life. On November 1, we will be married 44 years! We met 7 years before then. High School sweethearts. (It was love at first sight) He came to work at my family's marionette theater. He helped make the marionettes & props & sets & performed in the BIG areas (20,000+ people) with my Mom & her puppeteers, while I directed, produced & performed at our permeate theater.
Now, we help each other in many ways. As He is not able to walk easily, I am kinda like his caregiver, lifting & carrying things that are hard for him. I also work for his business. He supports us with it on the computer, mostly. He is very successful. It gives us the opportunity to live in our paradise home, with our 'daughter' LUCY emoticon I am SO very blessed to be living my amazing life, with him. True we have our differences, but keep working on our love. emoticon emoticon That is what it is all about, right?

(This photo is 1 of my favorites! Last Christmas)

(Honeymoon photo)

emoticon 10-18-19 Have a great week- end! I have maintained the 6# released for 30 days, now!!!! Woo Hoo! I made a promise to myself to REALLY re- focus 80-100% daily, mind, body & spirit! Only messed up 2 days!!!! I am doing GREAT! 19# more to get back to goal!!!! emoticon

(most resent photo- Oct. 5 performing MAMA Beaver)

emoticon 10-19-19 I'm pausing & appreciating! Off to hike in the wetlands! emoticon

emoticon 10-21-19 Lot's happening at home today, Pluming getting a redo! Several sinks new fixtures, new tub fixtures, new downstairs toilet, water heater flushed & cleaned out, etc.!YEAH! Preventative! emoticon This is 1 way to NOT get our water!!!!! I'm drinking it instead! Also, garage door getting a check out, too! Just taking care of house before things NEED it! emoticon Turing off the heater for the pool tomorrow, emoticon Just too cold OUTSIDE to swim, in it! emoticon We had an extra 21 days, though & I am happy for that! Have fun everyone! emoticon

10-25-19 Another busy day... I hurt my side doing all the stuff for the plumbers. (Monday) Under sink clean outs, moving boxes etc. I am performing tomorrow, as a butterfly! I'm taking it VERY easy on my body. It seems to help! I'm down another #, 19 more to get back to goal! emoticon

emoticon AND continuing: 10-26-19 Yesterday I volunteered & performed at the Nature Preserve. I used 3 marionettes to 'greet', they call me an Ambassador, I like that! There were about 500 people that came to the event. The marionettes said hi to most of them. 3 hours of REALLY moving. I had the energy to do it, because of my 're-'boot'. Feeling FABULOUS! emoticon The good thing is I am continuing my goal! This is Chris idea from THE SPARK. emoticon 80-100% days. IF you haven't read this book, get it, he is AMAZING about HOW SP started & how it works! I'm sure it's on eBay. emoticon I am a "Pygmy Blue Butterfly", VERY rare & only live in my area of the world! emoticon

(with a friend of mine)

I'm praying for family & friends in CA, too. Some are VERY close to the 405.
Temps dropped here, too! Burr! 45 last night. We are use to 75..... adaptation is the name of the game, right?

10-29-19 emoticon emoticon emoticon Let's make it a fun day, no matter what!

10-31-19 I don't usually like Halloween. Too much weird stuff going on. That is WHY we got married on All Saints Day, 44 years ago! To help with sending love to everyone! We sent out 1,000 invitations! MANY people came to celebrate us! (We were in the entertainment industry)
Yesterday, I ate a fun sized 'snickers', it tasted like wax. YUCK! I don't eat candy anymore, because of SP! Happy, safe Halloween! emoticon emoticon I will be giving out treats to the children who come to our door as a 6' tall blue butterfly! emoticon

11-2-19 Our 44th anniversary, emoticon yesterday was SO special. We had dinner on top of the world. It was perfect, (except I over ate) Lot's of walking & sight seeing. DH gave me 44 gas car fill ups. I gave him a detailed car cleaning for his car. It came out beautifully! We REALLY take good care of our cars, AND each other. We are still on our Honeymoon. Met in High school. Yes, we have our ups & downs, but try really hard at keeping our romance alive. Lot's of work, but worth it!

emoticon 11-4-19 emoticon ALL for your wonderful Anniversary wishes. We had a blast!!!!! I ate ALL of the salad, we split the cake & still have a ton we brought home. Delicious, but HUGE. emoticon

emoticon 11-6-19 emoticon emoticon emoticon making chicken VEGGIE soup for us & LUCY emoticon Plus working in the field.....

Yes! It IS still autumn!

11-7-19 hI!
OUR WEATHER HAS BEEN WEIRD TO SAY THE LEAST, TOO! down to 40 emoticon or less at night & highs of 78 to 80! emoticon Too cold to swim, though, REALLY miss it! Last week was VERY cold. My plants & palm trees haven't a clue what to do. We can only water 1 day a week. So I've been hand watering here & there! My Eyes, great again! We've been working on our wills & DH trust. Strange to do & think about, but I don't want others to have to deal with all these things! THX! Love you all! emoticon emoticon

(this is a top I'm thinking of buying, I REALLY like it, but it is 100% pollyester. Don't like that plastic fabric!)

emoticon 11-9-19 It is a beautiful Saturday!!!! Sunny & 75 degrees. I'm off to walk with friends in nature preserve,with friends! Starting to get ready to do the LV Santa 5K, Dec. 7. I received a promo from the group & I'm in the photo, fun! 15,000 Santa's. We are in the world book of records 9 years in a row, for MOST Santa's in 1 spot, world wide, LOVE it! I 'train' for it all year! I usually walk it. Not into running. Fun entertainment all morning long AND it is for charity!

emoticon 11-12-19 I am just having fun, working & getting ready to see my Mom, for her 91, bday. emoticon ! emoticon I leave Friday. We love to play together! She's the best!
from our trip together in August, 2019 Love you!

11-23-19 Hello to all my favorite sweeties!!!!! Hope you are having fun & keeping to your heart filled goals. I'm home from the most magical trip with my Mom. We both were celebrated. She loved it & so did the people we met, Too fun! I got in & out before the snow & back in Vegas, 40 lows &62 highs. AND rain!!!! Almost an inch. We only get about 7" a year, so that is allot. I hit the ground running when I got back. Make chicken soup today, with lot's of Veggies! Catching up with work. Trying to find time to rest. It is the busiest time of the year for DH business. End of year financials &&&& for our clients. Thanks for reading!

(I brought our marionette, HAY FEVER & Mom ended up performing for people in the hotel, from NY. So cute!)

11-24-19 More from our AMAZING trip!!!!!

11-25-19 emoticon Hope you are all doing great! My MOM is fabulous! She is home, in AZ.

We are going to a restaurant with DH sister, for THANKSGIVING. Celebrating DH Mom. She passed 2 years ago. Keeping it small & sweet!

Let's all eat to stay healthy, OK?

emoticon 11-26-19 We are redoing our living room. emoticon De-cluttering, new TV. new stereo equipment, security cameras etc. Finally found the "GUY" . He will take away the old stuff, too! DH has HUGE speakers, almost 4 feet tall. Glad to let them go! LOT's to do before it all starts. DH hasn't done this since he moved in, 1992! He is adding "me" . I'll be able to feel apart of the decorating this time. YEAH! He was a bachelor for quite awhile! Also just found out we need a new pool motor. WOW! Expensive week, but will be lovely for the rest of the holidays!
I use to get rid of old things, cards etc. SO HAPPY I didn't burn our wedding photos! We were apart for 17 years & now back to playing again! But I DO need to purge lot's of old clutter.LIFE IS FABULOUS!!!!
Happy week to all!

emoticon 11-17-19 emoticon everyone, for your love & support! I am so grateful DH & I can at this time, pay for these unexpected things things! It's been along time coming, but feels good to be able to do it AND share money to my favorite charities! I am truly BLESSED! emoticon Hope you feel you are too! emoticon

emoticon 11-29-19 Because it flooded yesterday for THXGiving, we had to change our plans. But it all turned out GREAT! Kept to my plan! YEAH for me & for ALL of you! emoticon

emoticon 11-30-19 I'm feeling discombobulated today. We are re-doing our living/den/main room. Started pulling things out, yesterday. I COULD NOT live in a house that is being renovated. TOO much clutter ALL over the place! But I KNOW it will be great when it is all done! emoticon emoticon NOVEMBER! You were good to me, emoticon

(unexpected thanksgiving dinner from Denny's. Too flooded to drive to event. We were happy for it, it was pretty good!)
emoticon 12-5-19 So we DID buy several things from the BIG sales. New 'smart' tv with sound bar; new security cameras, (i'm old school, I use a broom stick in windows, LOL!) my NEW iPhone 8, picking it up today.... hope 'they' can transfer everything from my iPhone 4. (It is literally falling apart in my hands!); DH needed to fix & get a new pool motor; AND his chair lift had to get fixed yesterday. A new RING door bell; Not sure we are going to San Diego for Christmas or not. VERY expensive weekend. (Used some of our savings) My favorite vacuum broke it's belt... so today I will go to a vacuum cleaner 'guy' to get fixed & buy extra belts. To say we moved ALLOT of things is an understatement! DH has lived here since 1992, I moved in 2010. I have been cleaning & working & getting it all together. Staring to look beautiful. SO very uncluttered & SPACE to breath again! His old stereo speakers out, they were 6 feet tall, monsters.

I'm walking in the Las Vegas Santa 5k, emoticon THIS Saturday, my 11th year. They have been doing it for 15. It is for charity. Picking up my bag, today. AND new PHONE, SO excited!!!! I'm flying, love you, thx for reading! I'll be walking a marionette, too!

. (in process photo, we donated so much, felt great!)

(from friends in NDakota)

emoticon 12-12-19 This photo is of my Fairy God Daughter, last Christmas. I think this is the purest form of JOY. Just look at their faces! emoticon emoticon
Like most of you I am VERY busy during this blessed holiday season. emoticon Saturday I am performing my Christmas show at the Nature Preserve. I volunteer there about 10 times a year. Love it! Hope your season is Merry & BRIGHT! emoticon

(POPO, performs Saturday, Mom made him 1958 this is her first! I've re done him many times!)

(Frosty may come too!)

emoticon 12-15-19 My favorite Christmas song is: THAT MAN OVER THERE IS SANTA CLAUS not sure who wrote it! What is yours??? I have been SO very busy these past 2 weeks, after my performance, yesterday, I slept 13 hours last night, REALLY needed it! emoticon

emoticon 12-17-19 On my MOM, front. You might remember I told you the lady she was living with, had a stroke. No longer living with her. (Haven't heard if she is better). She's 91 & alone at night, not good. BUT today I learned a very good & playful friend of our is moving in with her, to help out!!!! I am SO very happy! emoticon emoticon She won't have to go to assisted living! Mom can take care of her self, just needs help once in awhile. emoticon Our friend is happy to be with her, too! It all works out perfectly! emoticon I'm doing the happy dance!!!!! emoticon

(Mom performing in our hotel room, last Nov. 17, 2019!)

emoticon 12-20-19 Happy Everything & Merry Always! Last day of autumn, for many of us! I'm sticking to it, ALL day long even though it is 43 degrees right now @ 9:45 am. Burr! emoticon emoticon

emoticon 12-21-19 What do you do with all your OLD stuff? I have wedding photos of my Mom's second (she was married 3 times & she doesn't want them now, either) wedding. I was about 14. I did remove them from the big books & made a small pile for them. Recycled the rest.

I JUST recently had our wedding (1975) photos put onto a dvd. But I kept the actual photos. I find it hard to let go of things that have an emotional tugging on my heart strings. I have 2 storage units 1 state away that have EVERY photo I have ever taken or given to me, since my birth & many other things, mainly marionettes & props. So what to do with all of that? We are taught to "BE HERE NOW". That doesn't fly with our stuff, right? I whittle it out every time I visit, but YIKES! Also, we have ALOT of things in our home, that I go through & give to Good Will, if we don't EVER use it or don't have emotional attachment to. ANY thoughts for all of us from you, would be of great help! emoticon

44 years later, with a 17 year respite!

12-22-19 emoticon Everyone for your suggestions about "stuff" ! emoticon I will use them all! We DID just re-do DH living room, he has been here since 1992, I rejoined him 2011 & just sorta put my things wherever they would fit. But NOW we are deciding things together! Makes me feel apart of our home! emoticon

Today I am going into the garage and putting away my Christmas show, from last weekend. It goes behind all the other stuff I use mostly monthly. It will take time, but glad for it.

All is good, I am blessed because you are my 'friends'!1

12-24-19 emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

12-29-19 working VERY hard on being happy. emoticon & healthy emoticon going through more stress than I can handle with DH. Can't help him any more, only he can, but won't help himself emoticon

12-31-19 I am so happy DH is getting treatment he needs. Passing 'stones'. Yesterday I go to go for a lovely hike & get my hair cut, had a BLAST. Taking care of me, is so important! Sometimes I forget, when there is extreme chaos. I'm working on it, though! 2020 feels, brighter & more loving, than ever!

1-3-2020 Hard to believe this blog is only 2.5 months long! DH still passing stones. Hard times for us. He gets to doctor on Monday.... I can't wait! emoticon We missed Christmas.....& New Years. Hope not to miss Valentines Day. emoticon

emoticon 1-4-20 My DH is a little better today. Moving around a bit. Been intense around here, emoticon but I DO see a light emoticon emoticon coming into view. Other odd situations going on, too. With my Mom. emoticon She's getting a new roomy.... YEAH! But not till Feb. Still trying to help where I can. With her being 91, she needs someone around, especially in evenings. The PERFECT long time friend lady is coming. emoticon Our pool broke, got fixed yesterday. emoticon still to cold to swim. LUCY emoticon limping today, not sure why, checking her out, too! All & all things seem calmer today. Still keeping VERY alert to DH. But hope to hike at the nature preserve, today. Sorry I haven't been reading your blogs &&&&, emoticon keeping focused on what I NEED to do. YOUR support mean the world emoticon to me, emoticon Please KNOW I am here for all of you, mainly in prayer, daily! emoticon emoticon

LUCY January 1-2020

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