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9-2-19 I use this blog space to "journal" come back many times, I add to it a LOT!

Monday, September 02, 2019

emoticon 9-2-19 Starting a new journal. If you want to read my last 1, that will catch you up with my journey, through photos. If you do PLEASE comment, emoticon !! Today the temps went down from 110 to 98! YEAH! I've been getting up a dawn to walk our dogie, LUCY emoticon , do outside chores, (watering the plants that REALLY need it) trimming, etc. Then I swim. emoticon . Once it gets too cold (yes, we go down to 30 degrees in winter) I will need to find another way to do cardio, for about an hour, every day. I do SP Nicole's 12 minute seated core workout. But that is just for stretching. Feels emoticon . I might try the Gym again. Or hike more often. I am living a busy, lovely life with DH & LUCY. I am VERY blessed! I hope YOUR journey is going along fabulously, too. I keep my promise to myself & log into SP daily! Today is 2,627 days of doing just that EVERYDAY. I am over in my goal weight & I know what I have to do. More cardio, I use to Zumba 2 hours a week & that kept me at goal. But after the injury from leaping in Zumba, I'm a little scared to go back. It took a year just to be able to walk, correctly again. I eat VERY well & energizing foods, a little too much, but I'm happy with myself for keeping at it! emoticon Here's a few photos to start my newest blog; THX for reading & commenting!

(my photo for Monet)
(hiking 8-12-19 with mom on an adventure.)
(picnic with Mom, shes 90 & fabulous!)
(with DH in April)
(Lucy, Xmas)
(my newest marionette, JANii, Mom made & gave me for Xmas, last)

9-3-19 My goodness, emoticon to ALL of you who have commented on this blog. Each & every one of your comments, help me continue & move forward with my health! That's what SP emoticon is all about, right???? I SO appreciate you sharing my journey with me!

emoticon 9-4-19 emoticon About our pool:
The pool takes ALLOT! We have a pool guy, I can't do it alone & DH can't be walking around & up steps, anymore. It use to be his hobby. BUT I don't take it for granted for even a moment. We keep it up, it is our Staycation Paradise. We had solar for the autumn times, but when it broke down, since we only use the solar 2 or 3 times a year..... it wasn't worth the $5,000 to get it going again. I swim almost EVERYday. Until the pool temp gets down to 75 or so. IF it's hot outside, no problem. But if it is under 75 it's too cold to warm up, when we get out. I've been known to swim in 69 degrees, but took hours to warm up. I'm sure these temps sound high for you, but chilled is not my favorite way to swim! emoticon Boy I'm sure chatty, today! Hope you are all having fun! THX for reading!

(This photo is from 2006, Lucy, a year after the pool was put in, by the spa)

(Lucy poolside 2006, she looks so young!)

(pool 2010)
emoticon 9-5-19 emoticon Funny, just now I looked outside (after walking LUCY & swimming) & in the plants above our pool, was a blue parakeet! He looks like he is part of the 'sparrow' tribe. Playing with them, I think he's wild. SO pretty!!!! A nice surprise, not mine to bring into the house, but that is how I found my lovely baby bird I had for 8 years. Same yard, but scared. I took him & loved him for 8 years, before he passed over emoticon he traveled all over with me in the car, still miss my LUCKY baby! He LOVED his cage! emoticon

9-7-19 emoticon day!

9-18-19 emoticon I'm home & back to work while unpacking..... LOT's to do, but glad to have the energy to do it!!!! down 2.5 #'s I'll take it! Lots of exercising & walking & sweating!!!!! emoticon

A up date, confession about me: (This is a long writing) I'm not sharing with ALL of SP land...

emoticon 9-19-19 DAY 2,743 of SP DAILY As many of you know, because you are my SP friends emoticon .... I hurt my knee from doing Zumba 16 months ago. emoticon I am FINALLY able to actually walk again without pain. I also stopped Pilates, because it is hard to get back up from the floor. I HAVE been walking & hiking & swimming ALLOT more, instead. Last week I went to my 50th High School reunion & danced my twinkle toes off. It felt WONDERFUL!!!! emoticon Over theses past months I have re-gained back 25#, (so a total release of 30# now, instead of the 55# when I reach goal with SP. 2" in my hips & 2"in my waist. It's not as bad as I thought it might be! I always go on the thought it is better to KNOW, than NOT know, what the numbers are. This includes everything, weight, money,(we are FINALLY out of debt, except for our mortgage, thx to SP teachings) etc.

Yesterday I took DH in for his annual checkup. We love his doctor. He let's me come in & learn, too! He is where I found SP. Well, he could tell I had added weight & DH did too. I won't discuss DH situation here, not my business to share! But he said to me, that IF I don't let the extra weight go, I will be headed for MUCH more pain, as far as my joints go. Kinda, lose it or lose your life! emoticon THAT WAS A HUGE WAKE UP CALL FOR ME!!!! emoticon YIKES!!!!

So today I pulled out my SP goal list, Photos of me AT goal & measured myself for the first time in 11 months! My lunch today was a plate of yummy raw veggies & a teaspoon of Peanut Butter. Breakfast was oatmeal & a few nuts. I've eaten 600 cals so far today, but they are VERY energizing foods. When I go to eat unconsciously, it will be with a plate of raw veggies. I have planned the rest of the meals & snacks for the next couple days. I've joined a 22 day food challenge, to help me focus on REAL foods, not empty calories. I'm doing this, because my life depends upon it! THX for YOUR support, I couldn't do it with out you! emoticon

(at goal)

(last week)

emoticon emoticon 9-20-19 Down 3# this month, so far! 21 back to goal! 1# back to wonderland! I've increased walking AND more raw veggies for lunch. I'm eating at least 15 servings of veggies & fruits. emoticon IF I eat unconsciously, it WILL be veggies! Balancing with good carbs & healthy proteins. emoticon emoticon emoticon

(yesterdays lunch, dinner was my homemade veggie- chicken soup)

9-22-19 emoticon emoticon emoticon DH is turning our pool heater on, for a few weeks, to help us swim for a longer season!!!!!!! emoticon
emoticon 9-23-19 I'm back to work today. I've been walking LUCY, but she can only handle about 1/2 an hour. So I drop her off at home & go out for another 1/2 hour. Today I went on the swings..... emoticon It felt so great & fun!!!! DH & I swam yesterday, for our "date night" & then we BBQ chicken & asparagus.... OMG my favorite way to eat it!!!! It was a little late for us, but yummy. I went up a pound, DH salted the meat. Too full for desert! It's ok, I still logged it & am adding green tea, today. I ALWAYS get at least 10 cups of water a day..

(This is ALFALFA, mom & DH made him about 1969. I've redone him several times, he's getting ready to perform in my show, Oct. 5 @ nature preserve. FUN!)

emoticon 9-26-19 It's been a busy 1 for me today, too! I'm FINALLY seeing the bottom of my desk, since August 16! Hope to finish ALL the project before I go to sleep tonight, but I'm dreaming!!!! emoticon Walked Lucy, Pilates & hope to swim later!

(ON SP today!)

9-27-19 emoticon emoticon for me! I'm down 3# & have kept it off, I'll take it! Off to swim emoticon & date night! emoticon Have a great weekend, everyone! Hiking tomorrow! emoticon emoticon

9-28-19 emoticon It's going up to 87 today! I'm off to hike, after I walk LUCY & swim, lucky me!!!!! Just finished working, have a FABULOUS weekend & I will too! emoticon emoticon

emoticon 9-30-19 today ALLYLIZZY asked a question about moderation, here is my reply:
GREAT question, wonderful SP friend! For me, I try to find substitutes. My BIG one was cinnamon rolls. Raised yeast & gooey, etc. At 1 time in my life I weighed 100# more, than I do now because I would eat 4 of them. I AM talking about the huge ones. NOW I buy sprouted raisin bread. I toast 1 piece, put about 1 teaspoon coconut oil OR real butter on it, cinnamon & 1/2 teaspoon granulated xylitol . It is warm & satisfies my craving. I serve on the prettiest tiny plate, a lovely tea cup AND truly sit down & in-joy & I'm ready to go. Also, I do buy the pre packs of things, popcorn, etc. Or I NEVER bring into the house, donuts. Different things for different foods. I usually don't think of foods like cake or??? as food, but poison. As always it is a process! You are doing GREAT!!!! THX for the inspiration!

10-1-19 emoticon i'm catching up with my desk! I can almost see the bottom! emoticon Happy October!!!!! Off to swim!

(photo from SP land)

Responding to RUTHIEBEAR's blog today:

emoticon 10-2-2019 I'm taking the time to IN-Joy the little things instead of thinking of them as inconveniences. It IS the inconveniences that are the most FUN in my day! (A hug from DH, emoticon our dog, LUCY wanting to go for another walk emoticon , someone coming to the house, unexpectedly, like the gas guy, yesterday to check on all the pipes outside swinging emoticon , an organic small apple just off the tree emoticon etc.) When I was swimming in our pool yesterday, a tiny sparrow emoticon came by our now flowering orange emoticon beautiful desert plants 2 stories high, & sang & looked at me & just was SO playful, I was so happy to interacted with me. I Love nature! I am so blessed! emoticon emoticon

emoticon 10-3-19 Yesterday we found the PERFECT handyman, company. The owner was here for over 2 hours, just to get a bid going. Truly a great man. We've been looking for several years. He fixed many things on the spot & wouldn't take any money for it. We have a list of over 50 things... keep adding to it. He does EVERYTHING. I am just so happy I could burst with enthusiasm! emoticon Today the air guys come to check our systems. We run it almost daily, in summer. I change filters, monthly. I'm a VERY happy camper today! So now we have the pool guy, the Gardner & handy man. DH use to be able to do ALL of it, himself, but glad we can afford having help! We are truly blessed & I am VERY grateful! Happy day everyone, LUCY had her walk & I'll swim later, feels fabulous to be able to swim, even though the temps have dropped! emoticon

(from 2B page)

emoticon 10-4-19 I get another emoticon in my goal book for staying between 80-100% a day. Includes exercise, eating, & taking care of me; mentally; emotionally & spiritually. It's been a emoticon week! down 5# since I have 're-focused' on my goals, starting 9-17-19! emoticon Yesterday was a HUGE emoticon day, I had some stress about our dog, LUCY's health from the vet emoticon she's OK, but surly getting older. (She's 15 in November)A new medication for her. DH wanted Burger King on our way home & I DIDN'T GET ANYTHING!!!! I was thinking of an IMPOSSIBLE burger, but can't find the ingredients & won't eat if I don't know, came home & eat my homemade veggie chicken soup & "naked" brand Popcorn. I am down another # today. I always KNOW when I am doing GREAT, because I am excited to weigh in (on Fridays & tell my SP friends) emoticon to EACH of you for supporting me, emoticon Couldn't do it without you!!!! emoticon I'm volunteering, performing my marionette show, tomorrow at Nature Preserve, adding autumn marionettes. Sure to be a blast! emoticon

(THX 2B for photo!)

emoticon emoticon 10-8-19 Have a FABULOUS 1 & I will too! Down 6# emoticon since my re-focusing 9-17!!!! Woo Hoo! Performance on Saturday was fun!!!!

(Children participate! )

emoticon 10-11-19 Down a total of 6# since Sept. 17 AND maintaining it!!! emoticon emoticon Be happy & I will too! YES! Find your joy, Friday!

(Lucy & I on our morning walk, this week, I love her so!)

9-12-19 I'm off to hike & play!!! How about you? emoticon emoticon emoticonSTILL getting emoticon emoticon for keeping to my goal of 80-100% days! Includes EVERYTHING, mentally, spiritually & physically! emoticon (My plan is to do it for a month! 9-17~10-17-2019
10-13-19 MORE emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My re-focusing (since 9-17-19 is REALLY helping with my confidence!!!!! emoticon Off to swim in our amazing backyard pool, heated to 80% for a few more days, highs today outside will be about 65 degrees!

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