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Need Help Solving low self esteem

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Too many people are having difficulty in their weight loss quest. One major problem is that a series of past failures (either in weight loss or other goals) have cause them to have low self-esteem. It is difficult to carry out a successful weight loss program if one has low self-esteem.
Believing in your capacity to make meaningful changes in your life is important in overcoming low self esteem. Believing in your power of observation and that given a chance all things will somehow work out can make a big difference too. Likewise one should take the time to develop good self care habits. It all starts with solving or improving on a poor view of one’s capacity in life.
One thing that is important in overcoming low self esteem is to embrace change. To know that if you look at life differently, then change is inevitable. Change begins with taking stock of yourself. Do you have a positive or negative outlook. It should be positive. Take time to evaluate all your strengths and be grateful for the positives in your life, both big and small. Also draw on your strengths to overcome many of your weaknesses where they may be.
One tool that works wonders in this effort is to use your imagination and visualize a future where you have solved a lot of your “weaknesses”. I put “weaknesses” in quotes because a lot of times, just changing your attitude through visualization will practically eliminate them. I once had low self esteem and that changed when I made use of this tool. You can embrace change and do it too!
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