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I am so grateful for my amazing life! Come back many times, I add to this for several months!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

If you want to read my SP blogs journals, go to my last 1 & you can see what's been happening with me for several months! I KNOW I do it backwards..... by adding on almost daily instead of a new blog daily, but this works for me. I use SP as a tool FOR me, just saying!

emoticon 6-27-19 Today is '1 of those days". emoticon A day I am SO grateful for my amazing life! emoticon I woke up when I wanted, hugged my DH emoticon the man of my dreams even after 50 years; walked our darling doggie emoticon , Lucy in the just cleaned park, with sprinklers on for us to play in; emoticon sat on our paradise deck, by the pool emoticon & had coffee & raspberry yogurt with walnuts; emoticon swam about 30 minutes; emoticon cleaned up downstairs from all the goodies I got at Costco, yesterday. emoticon (DH says buy whatever you want, except jewelry, LOL he KNOWS I am VERY frugal). & came upstairs to work on my personal things & my 'regular' job with DH. Yes the temps are going up, emoticon but I am SO blessed! emoticon I get to live my life on my teams, most of the time. I call this success. Success is when you get to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, with the finances to back you up. We are not retired, but working from home helps me make the time to volunteer at the Nature Preserve. My goodness, I am happy to be alive, right now. Who wouldn't be? emoticon (Yes! I DO have bad times, but 75% of my life is just to my choosing! I am SO happy I thought LONG & HARD before I shared this SP blog, I know so many of you are having a hard time. BUT we can help each other, either way, right?) emoticon It has changed my life, forever! (On this my 2659 day of sparking + I received 100 bonus points for spinning the wheel today! emoticon How about you? emoticon

emoticon 6-29-19 Hiked for 3 hours, emoticon swam emoticon for 1 & played & played most of the morning. Inside now, it's 103 today!

I took this photo several years ago at the Nature Preserve

emoticon 6-30-19 They say we will get about 400,000 people here for 4th of July.... We are staying home in our beautiful paradise! emoticon Today I am taking VERY easy, over did it, playing in heat emoticon yesterday( emoticon emoticon emoticon ) ! It's 2 pm & haven't even been out side! Won't rwach my 200 fitness points today! I AM listening to my body! emoticon for me! Be safe everyone, Happy 4th if you celebrate! emoticon

(photo from yesterday hike, Nature Preserve)

(photo I took several years ago, received another photography award for it. I think photography is basically luck!)
emoticon 7-1-19 So much fun going on! Lot's of playing today, after resting yesterday, I'm ready to go, go, go! Walked LUCY pup, swam, helped gardeners see our vision; working & paying bills for the 1st! emoticon Morning! Will be 105 today, they tell us. So got everything done before 10 am! More gardenias blooming. I gave them more food & now they are 'full' of life, yeah!!!!

emoticon 7-2-19 Today I have been working ALLOT for DH business. Doing things I have wanted to do for many months, filing, mostly! emoticon Lucy had her walk emoticon & all is good in our little paradise! emoticon Getting ready for the 4th. (we are home & playing in the pool) emoticon Not many people in their offices after tomorrow, lot's of work 'in the field' after Lucy gets her grooming done. Also shopping for organic veggies @ Sam's club. emoticon emoticon Getting ready for 4th emoticon & my BDay on Saturday. emoticon I will be performing at the Nature Preserve, as a greeter with the marionettes for a special event they are having. emoticon (I started performing as a child, which blossomed emoticon into what I am still doing today!) emoticon Be safe everyone! Many people can't handle fireworks emoticon , LUCY included. Wish there was a different way to celebrate! Or at least quietly! emoticon

(performing with Bozo the clown July 4th)
before performance day June 1, 2019 in our back yard, a few years later, LOL)

emoticon 7-4-19 BBQ next to our paradise pool, I've already swam. Also fixing up my newest marionette from my Mom, for Bday. Performing her first time on Saturday. We will BOTH have a BDay, then! emoticon Be safe everyone!!!!

(photo I took last Saturday on hike)

emoticon 7-5-19 Happy B'Day to me, Saturday 7-6! emoticon I love my life! To celebrate I am performing at the Nature Preserve with my newest marionette, JANii, FUN!!!!! Mom made & gave me for Christmas last year! Isn't she darling???

emoticon 7-6-19 Today is JANii's Bday too!!!! SO happy with how she turned out! Off to volunteer my talent & perform with her, at Nature Preserve! Have a fun day, everyone!

emoticon emoticon 7-7-19 (Happy BDay SP friend, KRYS210)
Performing yesterday was such a true heart's delight! The children LOVE JANii, & so do I. Fun sharing BDays!

emoticon 7-11-19 Be safe everyone! It's 109 today! emoticon emoticon & more emoticon

emoticon 7-12-19 SP keeps making my computer freeze up! YIKES! Only site that does! emoticon

emoticon 7-13-19 emoticon emoticon Great fun 2 hour hike, until the heat started. (it is 109 right now, 1:30)Then home to walk LUCY pup & swim. New gardeners today! emoticon They actually listen! Searching internet for how to learn iPhone cloud & iPhone 8. Thinking of buying! My old iPhone 4 is on it's last legs! LOT's to learn & decide! SP emoticon website still giving me problems, freezing up. On this day 2,675 EVERYDAY! Yeah for me!!!!!

7-14-19 I Swam with DH before it got to 112, today DOWN 5 degrees, YEAH!

I just wrote & lost a lovely note to all of you, my computer keeps freezing up on SP, REALLY getting tired of it! I've done EVERYTHING but call a computer guy. I'm out of here, for today!

emoticon 7-15-19 SparkPeople website still freezing my computer, only site that is. LOT's of turning off & restarting... use to be a fun site! 2678 days of SP EVERY day. Getting to me! emoticon Maybe it's the 112 degrees outside! Stay safe everyone!!!!

emoticon 7-19-19 My weekend plan is to go see beavers, at the nature preserve. We have 102 at last count. I'll be up at 3:30 am to meet over there by 4:45. Shouldn't be as hot, I'm hopping!

Trying out a different browser, so far no freezing!!!!! YEAH. Be safe everyone! emoticon

emoticon 7-20-19 Yep! I got up at 3:30 am to go see the beavers emoticon on a nature walk. We saw 3 of them, HUGE! About 40-45 pounds each. Nice being up before sunrise emoticon & hearing the wildlife. emoticon It was only 85 degrees! It's 102 now @ 1pm. I walked about 4 miles, tiptoeing, but I had a blast. Came home & walked Lucy pup, emoticon then swam for about 30 minutes. emoticon I still feel like I need more exercise. IF so it will take place inside, our lovely home. emoticon It's been an amazing weekend so far! I am SO grateful for my life! Here are a few photos: Have a great weekend, wish you ALL could have come with us!

(he's in the center)


7-21-19 We went swimming & had our breakfast poolside. Lucy had her walk & we came in before 9am & the heat!!!! Beautiful way to start the day!!!!
emoticon to my SIL
7-23-19 OMG, I could use a break from this heat! We are 101 right now & later this week will be 110+! Everyone seems to be going through strange weather! Stay safe, ok? emoticon Lucy didn't get her walk too hot for her, even at 5am. I didn't get to swim, pool guy here with too many chemicals, they need to mellow out. & water 85 degrees, YIKES! I DID 12 minutes of Nichole's 12 minute core workout, feels great! I try for 200 exercise minutes a day & 200 SP points a day. Not going to happen today! I have got to stop complaining about this! YOU are having your own issues & don't need to hear about mine. I DO need to work out more, cardio especially, I may take out my Belly dancing DVD. Anything will help! THX for reading!

(photo from Saturday's beaver hike, sunrise)

emoticon YES!!!!! 7-25-19 Not much to share, just coming by to say hi! Weather VERY odd. We got rain yesterday & hope for some today! high 80's, so much better than 110, they are predicting! LUCY & I had our walk at sunrise & then I swam. Feeling pretty good, considering! emoticon

emoticon 7-27-19 Up 5:00 am. Today I have hiked for 2 hours at nature preserve, (trying to stay strong for the Santa 5K, in December), walked LUCY; swam for 30 minutes; house work; helped the gardeners; worked a little & ready for the day. It is 10:30 am & 96 degrees! I HAVE to go out early, OR I will miss my opportunity to be outside at all. I do not like being cooped in! Another day to be inside as the heat picks up. I hear there are weather issues for ALL of you, too! Stay safe & hydrated! emoticon & I will too!

Today's hike photos:

7-29-19 Busy hot day! emoticon Been out & about all morning, just at sunrise. emoticon Walked LUCY, emoticon swam emoticon & some house work emoticon . Now at 'work' on computer! emoticon Have a great week! emoticon

emoticon 7-30-19 Busy hot day! (112) emoticon Been out & about all morning, just at sunrise. emoticon Walked LUCY, emoticon swam emoticon & some house work emoticon . Now at 'work' on computer! emoticon Made chicken soup, I like it cold for breakfast! LOL! Have a great week! emoticon(same note as yesterday!)

Found this photo on SP!

emoticon emoticon 7-31-19 The last day of July! Zoom! Too hot to walk our darling Lucy, 90 @ 6am. So I will get my exercise shopping today! GWill & Trader Joes, Stay safe! & I will too!

My soup came out wonderfully! I can live on that stuff for about a week. (DH emoticon only 1 or 2 servings) I make some for Lucy, too. emoticon (She LOVES it & is good for about 5 meals for her NO spices for her.) Since I use so many veggies; carrots, squash; celery; green beans; corn; peas; broccoli; cauliflower; asparagus; roasted dry onions & whole grain rice spirals (from Trader Joe's) AND chicken of course (from Costco already roasted, after we eat most of the meat, then I cook with the bones) & use chicken broth, it is a complete meal. A mug of it for breakfast, too & I'm off & running for hours. It don't eat it totally cold, but just warm up a tiny bit! Just to let you all know! YUMMY!

emoticon 8-2-19 Today has been fabulous, so far! Walked LUCY & swam before heat hits, suppose to be 107, not sure it will make it. I started the day out with a fresh peach & 1 small fresh apricot. So breakfast was my homemade Chicken soup, poolside. I am SO blessed to be living this AMAZING life! Tonight is date night, so glad to not have very many calories. My soup is a perfect BALANCE for me! emoticon

I have been on SP DAILY for 2695 days. I prayed to find 'something' that could help me get a hold of my health, this site came up 3 minutes after asking for the help. There are MANY days I only come here to log in & track my goals. Sometimes only 2 minutes a day. BUT it does help me find balance in my life. I am NOT on any other 'social' site. I have learned through SP, it is very different for each 1 of us. For me it is 'baby' steps. & yes, I am about 20# over what I was, but I have still kept off 35#. When I get 'real' about my issues I know I will get back to goal. But I feel GREAT & am VERY active.

I'm excited, tomorrow I get to perform at the Nature Preserve emoticon . I volunteer my services. I just signed up for another year! emoticon (3 years total so far! emoticon ) I LOVE the audiences, they come to learn. These shows help me stay 'rehearsed' with my marionettes AND I get ALLOT of exercise loading & performing & unloading. emoticon I perform about 8 times a year there. Have fun everyone! & I will too!

(Mama Beaver, my Mom made, she's 'on' tomorrow)

1 of my audiences, with my favorite marionette!
emoticon8-4-19 The performance went VERY well! About 40 people came out even though it was 109 degrees. The show was inside & cool, but the families coming out, made my day! VERY loving group! Not many photos to share, maybe another time!

(This is DOUGIE mom made him after my DH energy, he is on roller skates!)

8-7-19 YES! My Mom & I have a blast together! I'm bringing 'twinkle lights' for our room. She loves them & so do I. They are shaped like stars & unicorns! Since we cant have candles in our non smoking room. We REALLY know how to play!

DH & I went to celebrate his sisters, bday. I had half turkey burger, & stake fries I brought 1/2 home, as always for another meal.! I'm back to packing & working & getting things together.I'm taking quite a bit of food with me. Annie's soups, popcorn, veggie packs, yogurts & chocolate for mom, she loves the light! Plus I will be on my own a few days & plan on eating healthy, as always. I am SURE there will be things off my lifestyle program, but it's ok. I can live with that! Also, not much internet reception part of my trip. I WILL spin the wheel, but that maybe it. I'll miss you all!


8-14-19 Traveling & having a blast. Visit with MOM was SO special! Now off to another fun couple of days, playing on my own. I love my life! emoticon

8-18-19 Home from trip!

(gave Mom wild flowers!)

8-22-19 Hi! Everyone! I had a great trip to visit with my beautiful Mom! Getting back into all I need to do! I'm taking the AARP online safety program.... intensive, but worth it! The exercises are VERY similar to Nicole's 12 minute seated core workout, to keep us flexible as we age. (I LOVE this video, feels SO yummy to do!) It's been HOT! 107 right now, 4pm.... getting up at sunrise to walk our dogie, LUCY &&&& work of course!

Hope you all are doing super GREAT!!!! I made some veggie chicken soup to eat this week, i'm off to it!!!!!

8-24-19 emoticon 2,717 days of Sparking EVERY day!!!! Woo Hoo! Hiked for 2 hours emoticon & swam for 1. emoticon with DH, YEAH! Ready to finish SP emoticon & off to rest!!!! emoticon 103 here today, down a little! Have a GREAT weekend everyone! emoticon ((I REALLY need to start a new blog, no time yet!))

emoticon 8-26-19 We have ANOTHER heat excessive 107 warning for the next 3 days... I'm REALLY ready for some cooler days! emoticon But LUCY emoticon had her walk before it hit 85 & I had my swim before it hit 100. So I'm a happy lady! emoticon Lot's of working going on. DH emoticon eye appointments, emoticon he's getting better! I need to go, too. Just haven't made the time.

Getting ready for another week trip. Sept. 10-17. My dentist emoticon & 50th high school reunion. I'll be staying & going with my forever friend, at their home in Hollywood hills. We met in early high school, been friends & collage roomies &&&& their children are my Fairy God children, (we never had kids) .

Hope everyone is doing great! Last week of August, YIKES!!!! This is the fastest year I have ever lived!!!! ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
MMMMM! Kisses!

Photo from my visit to AZ 2 weeks ago.... darling, right????

emoticon 8-28-19 Another day of over 100. But I'm learning to adapt! I've turned into a VERY early morning person. Always have been, but now, just before sunrise, so I can get all my fun exercise in!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

DH had to go to VA ER yesterday, he was dizzy for a few days. emoticon They gave him every test in the book. He can out VERY healthy. emoticon Turns out a slight case of vertigo emoticon .VERY common in people over 60. Doing GREAT today, praise GOD! I'm not sure I could handle too much more with all his conditions. The VA helps us so much! Preventive actions is what I believe to do, for health. SP taught me this! emoticon Let's continue to support each other in our health goals! emoticon Love to you, all! emoticon

(From hike in AZ with Mom a few weeks ago)

emoticon 8-30-19 going up to 110 tomorrow, yuck! No hike for me, can't be out in it, even at sunrise. Only going down to 89, WAY to hot! emoticon More swimming instead!

emoticon 8-31-19 Bye bye August! It ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOmed! emoticon For our weekend off emoticon (we work from home, so do allot, everyday) , we are grilling Halibut & asparagus emoticon emoticon AND lot's of swimming & being together, our little family, DH & LUCY emoticon & me. I am so blessed! emoticon

Last Christmas

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