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Sunday, December 10, 2017

I recently went to a family reunion. I looked around and saw many of my cousins and their children and their grandchildren. I noticed many of my cousins and their children all suffers from the same problem that I do. We learned at an early age that to celebrate togetherness and family we all gathered around to eat and talk. When we were very much younger, we used to have group activities which included family baseball games people taking turns on the churn making ice cream people weren't just standing around eating and yapping, we were doing. Our country suffers from a great problem of obesity and a lot of its due to inactivity. We sit in front of TVs and snack. We eat the wrong foods, cooked the wrong way, in the wrong amount. Then we wonder, why we've gained so much weight and why our energy levels are lower. When you get to my age you wonder why your health is so bad. The problem of course is that none of us do very much to eat and take care of of our health, until something happens. Please please everyone: be careful what you eat, know the right amounts. Learn the right portion sizes. If I have not learned anything in my life I have learned portion sizes are the number one downfall. As Americans we eat twice as much as we think we should be eatinga becaus, we're not aware how much we should be eating. We also need to learn better and healthier ways to prepare foods. I have suffered from obesity most of my life. I have had periods where I was thinner healthier and more active. As we get older our metabolism naturally slows down, but what do we do we eat same amount and we decrease our activities. This may not be an intentional thing but we do. I had a friend asked me once how I kept going what made me keep moving. I lost my son and any chance of ever being a grandmother. I've lost many friends over the last several years due to my personality and their changes in life, but I keep going. I keep going because I know God blessed me and gave me the health and a reason that I'm supposed to still be here when others are gone. My only job now is to stay healthy until he decides when I need to set forth on that journey and to complete that job. Take care of your health, only you can do it. Don't blame other people. Learn to eat healthy learn to live a healthy life and quit looking for excuses. Remove the I can't from your vocabulary. Fill your sentences with I will try, I will make the effort. I will.
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