No one cares? Who cares!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

No one notices if I am not on SP for a week. No one notices if I don't meet my daily step goal. No one says anything if I eat 5 cookies after dinner. No one cares whether or not I lose weight, tone up, get fitter, or become more healthy. I can either feel sorry for myself or say 'who cares!' Who cares if no one notices, says anything, or cares about my actions (or non-actions). It's not about them; it's about me. It's about MY decision to get healthier. My step goals and food choices are mine, and that's all that matters.

So, don't get upset if no one notices you haven't posted on SP in a long time. Don't get upset if no one notices you lost 5 pounds or that you have or haven't made good food choices. Don't get depressed when no one encourages you to be healthier. It's not about them, so don't make it about them. It's about YOU. YOU CAN DO IT, regardless of whether anyone else notices or not.

So when no one cares, say 'who cares!'

We CAN do it!
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