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The Jami Improvement Project

Saturday, July 23, 2016

For the last few weeks, I have been throwing myself a personal pity party. It took me a bit to realize it, but I was. Feeling bad for yourself gets you absolutely nowhere. While I admit at times, taking a day or two to stop and reflect on your situation isn’t bad, doing it for more than that isn’t good. For example spending a month totally pissed that you aren’t full time at your job, when your contracting agency said it would happen months ago, isn’t productive. It only makes you mad and that has a terrible affect at work. You get cranky with people you don’t want to and your job performance. Couple that with some financial issues you can’t fix even if you wanted and that is a bad mix. Also throw in family drama and it makes for perfect pity party material. So now that I have grown up and decided to actually do something about the various instead of pouting like a child, it’s time to do something. That is why I have came up with the Jami Improvement Project. Jami needs A LOT of improving. Here are my plans for the near future.

Temper Temper – For people who don’t know me, I have a really nasty temper. It is something that I have struggled with my entire life. My partner Vanessa helps with it a bit. She is very calm and relaxed and this helps me as I want to be more like her. My temper has gotten better as I’ve gotten older. In my youth, I tried meditation and it helped a bit. I’m not one of those people that can count to 10 and be calm. Counting to 10 only makes me more mad. If I need a cooling down period, it has to be a long time. I’m hoping that doing more meditation will help me with a shorter cooling down period. Without a brain transplant, my temper will never go away. It is merely a part of who I am like my blue eyes or stunning good looks. So my goal this week, and I have to make small goals, is to try and meditate properly three times.
I’m Fat and Disgusting – I am a firm believer that this whole big is beautiful movement is a detriment to society. Being even 10 lbs overweight can cause severe health issues. I am much much over 10 lbs. This week my goal is going to be small. I can’t just up and change my eating/exercise habits in one week. It doesn’t work. This week contains two small goals.
Don’t eat junk food at work – The vending machines at work are pretty state of the art. They take plastic and not money. This is a good/bad thing for me. It is much easier to obtain a drink should I need one, but it is much easier to obtain not healthful drinks and snacks when I want one. I’ve never been a fan of leave your credit cards at home. What happens if I REALLY need it for something? I can plan around gas, but what if something unexpected happens. I’ve thought about locking it in my trunk at work. I don’t know how safe this is. During the week, our lots are pretty busy and I don’t think people would try and break into a car. On the weekends I just don’t know. So in lieu of that, my goal is to not go where the snacks are for ANY reason. Out of sight, out of mind. I have a lovely water container and I can fill it before work and during lunches and breaks. I have a plethora of travel mugs for coffee. This allows me not only to save money, but to drink coffee that isn’t full of sugars and syrup from coffee joints. This should work. I’m on the 4th floor at work and the hall of snacks is on the 1st floor.
Get Moving and Catch em All – So I have to get back to my previous form of working out on a consistent basis. I know it sounds false, but I actually LOVE working out. It is a nice time to do something good for yourself and let your mind just wander. Yes I pay attention to my workout, but it gives me some thinking time. A little thinking time is never a bad thing. For the next three weeks, I plan on TRYING to do some sort of walking/going to the gym three days for 30 mins. Now in all honesty what will probably happen is I will probably walk a number or miles and play Pokemon Go. Say what bad things you will about the game and people whom play it, but it makes me want to get up and do something. This is not a bad thing. I won’t be playing in any parks or places like that but just around my apartment complex. I can put in a mile or mile and a half walking around the place before work at a moderate pace and that will be good.
Stop Hating People at Work – First and foremost, I actually enjoy my job. I like what I do. Do I love the people that call in act rude, snotty and self entitled, no not at all. The thing is I like helping people with technical problems. I feel like I can help people without some of the snark other people here give them. With that in mind, here are my two mini-goals this week.
Don’t Let People I Have No Control of Make Me Mad – This goes for both customers and co-workers. If people want to be rude, so be it. When you call technical support and get rude with someone, it speaks more to your character than it does me. I just need to quit letting rudeness bother me. Let someone look like a jerk. Perhaps if I am nice to them, they will feel even worse about being an ass to someone they personally called for help. This goes especially for co-workers. I actually really like a good portion of my co-workers. Most of them are super nice and I enjoy their company. Unfortunately I work with a couple that literally suck the joy out of my job. Unfortunately I am stuck with one of them ALL the time. He is a condescending, know it all, bigot and I can’t stand looking at him let alone speaking to him. He treats people with disdain and this whole air of I’m so desperately much better than everyone else. He’s just a horrible person. I try and ignore him best I can. Problem is me ignoring him hasn’t registered with him that I have no desire or want to speak to him. He comes over to my desk and wants to chat. I don’t want to be cruel, but I need to make it clear I have no desire to dialog with him about ANYTHING. So my goal this week is to try and be polite to my customers no matter what. My second goal is to politely make this gentleman realize that I have no desire to speak to him. Let’s cross our fingers on that one.
Quit Worrying About Other People – This one sort of goes with the first one about my co-workers. I work with some great people. I also work with some lazy people who clock in late, take extra breaks and barely do enough to help people. I am not management or really anyone who matters anymore. I have to quit telling myself well so and so gives forth 0 effort, why should I bother. This isn’t who I am. I ALWAYS want to be the best. My goal this week is to get back to this. Quit letting people who clock in late, who barely do their job and are rude to people bother me. Doing these things make them look bad, not me. If I consistently do a better job, good things will happen.
Be Happy for Goodness Sake – Plain and simple. I have to quit being such a pessimist. Yeah I have a lot going against me. Thing is, I have to make my own happiness. Yeah I’m broke and struggling. Yeah my family hates me. I still have Vanessa and am making new better friends at work. I have a job and live somewhere totally amazing. These are reasons to be happy. So my goal, focus on the good and let the bad just go. No point of dealing on the bad, it only upsets you. I’m tired of being upset.
Wow! That is a lot of goals for week 1 of Jami Improvement Project. Hopefully this week is a success. Guess we will find out on 7/30, won’t we :-P
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    That does sound like a lot of goals but they all seem reasonable!
    1730 days ago
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