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Not Sure Why I'm Even Here

Sunday, June 26, 2016

I have to be honest and say I don't really know why I decided to come back to Spark. I left many months ago. I tried running one of the HUGE groups and really did not enjoy it after a while. Everyone had a nasty comment or an opinion. I got criticized for not giving advice and or not giving people enough personal attention. The community I thought was really good got really bad quickly. As someone who worked full time(crazy hours too like 60 a week AND Traveling) and did not have children, I felt I was being persecuted by stay at home mom's would literally had nothing better to do than criticize me. I tried to do things to help people and then was just treated like ish. I left with a very bad taste in my mouth with a firm pledge NEVER to come back to this nasty cliquish community.

Then, thanks to satan job, I gained the 75 lbs I lost back plus about another 25. Spark is the ONLY thing I have ever did that worked. EVER. Weight Watchers wasn't my style as I would end again end up with people with such dissimilar lifestyles, people would be snarky to me. So back to Sparkpeople again to try.

I don't plan on getting involved with any groups or teams. I want NOTHING to do with that. The community here is just nasty. Just need a place I can track calories and write blogs. The blogs help me work out issues. I don't need words of encouragement or little notes. I just need a place to get stuff out.

So again I try. Maybe since I don't have a job and a manager whom was trying to kill me, I might be able to lose and keep it off.
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    Sorry you had a nasty experience with groups and the people in them. I learned the first month or two I joined that you can block or unfriend the people who rub you the wrong way and you can also leave a group you aren't satisfied with too! I know because of my disabilities that taking on being a team leader would be too much for me, so I participate and contribute what I can. I make sure I am friends with people who enrich my experience.

    Welcome back, glad you are back for yourself! You are the most important person in your life, you count before anyone else does.

    1757 days ago
    I wasn't around for the birth of the WWW, but I would say I was there for it's coming out party. Oh dial up lol. I truly feel that the internet is literally one of the greatest inventions mankind has ever made. So many amazing things happen daily because of our ability to connect and share/collaborate with each other. I work in HealthCare and I see the future because of it being brighter because of it.

    The issue is like with anything, with light there is dark. The internet has also brought out the worst in us. While I'm all about free speech, sometimes you might want to keep your opinion to ya self. Just maybe.

    I felt like I was giving my all to that team and all I got was nastiness. I tried to create fun challenges and ways to keep people motivated, but no matter what I did people were not satisfied. You got the whole I need more personal attention, oh these challenges aren't hard enough. Oh there is no incentive. Make me want to lose weight. I had some spare change so I put up my own money to do a weight loss challenge. First place got 50 dollars! 75 percent of people dropped out. 75 percent. Second place got 25 and third got 15. The biggest loser did really well but second and third were really close. Anyhoos, I did everything I could to make it ok. Then you get these people who are complaining and it's like I emailed you 20 minutes ago and you didn't respond. You are a terrible admin. It was horrible. In the end I was like if money doesn't motivate you and you want more help, use Spark Coaching or hire a trainer.
    1757 days ago
    People are so nasty and judgemental on the internet. Never stopping to walk a mile is someone else's shoes before they post. I enjoyed your post and I'm glad you are not letting people like that stand in your way.
    1757 days ago
    I am sorry you where treated badly just wanted to say I am here to listen anytime
    1757 days ago
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