A Step and A Trip and A Trot

Friday, August 23, 2013

I worked out on Sunday, but then skipped Tuesday and Wednesday workouts.

I get it. I know what happened. I was so determined to get AFTER this, that I did too much on Sunday. I did so much that for a few hours after my 7 mile walk/run, I couldn't even step down on my feet.

It only took a day or so to get over it physically. But it took several more days to get over it mentally, even though the scale went down the morning after I did this run.

I knew when I set up my training schedule that I needed to take this slow; that I needed to establish the habit of showing up first, even if all I do is walk...even if all I do is login to SparkPeople and read things and leave messages and write...even if all I do is squat a few times...

But I wanted the rush, I wanted the high. I wanted to feel like I was getting something DONE.

So I blew off the hard-learned knowledge from the last time, that if I just show up for a little while, and establish the habit slowly, it's much more likely to stick, than if I try digging in my heels and forcing myself to try to build on something before the foundation is set.

Thankfully, I didn't get too far off track. Just a little trip. No big deal.

Yesterday afternoon, I reminded myself of how important re-accomplishing my goals in a permanent way is to me. So back to foundation building again with just a little mis-step.

Last night, I laced up my shoes, met up with a friend, and walked a little over 4 miles.

I lolly-gagged and took pictures, I will admit, but I did the whole walk without running, which I'm clear I needed to do, to get over the psychological resistance from running too much on Sunday.

As I mentioned in a previous recent blog, this time I'm going to suck it up and start lifting weights as well. Feeling empowered from the small steps I've already taken, I took a little step in that goal's direction today, too.

I was coming out of my bathroom, and I saw my free weights sitting on my bedroom floor, where I'd left them to remind myself of my goal, and to make them easy to reach.

First I said to myself "You need to lift those at some point today." (next time I will try the word 'want' instead of need.)
Then I said to myself "Yes. When?"
I continued "Right now is just as good a time as any."
"You're right", I replied.

I walked over to them, and I did this:

12 over the shoulder presses (6 pounds)
12 tricep curls (6 pounds)
12 bicep curls (6 pounds)
12 squats

And then I stopped. I got a tiny burn, nothing more. But it put a smile on my face.

Tonight, I'm going to get my workout clothes on at 5:30, and I'm going to head back in to the place I love to work out the most. I'm going to meet my friend at around 6, and we're going to do intervals of 30 seconds running, 1:30 walking...but only for 3 miles. A little trotting, a little stepping.

I've decided this will give me the high that I want from running, and make me feel like I'm actually working out. And it will also keep in me in line with my determination to establish a solid foundation of habitually showing up.

I don't want to trip so much I fall, and taking it a little at a time is the smoothest way to where I want to go. If I do it this way, I'll be able to step it up to a solid trot soon enough.
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