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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Well my lack of motivation has caused a little bit of weight gain! Now also could be my Thyroid! I will blame both!!!

Well I am now on a new dose of Synthroid. So hopefully things go back to normal! People were not kidding when they told me if I needed a new dose I would know! Things were just way off! So far this new dose is kind of helping and it's only n=been a few days. Hope in a week or 2 I feel like me again! My blood test said I didn't need a new dose but my changes in mood and everything else told the Doctor I needed to attempt a new one. Now in a few weeks if I am having palpitations or anything I experienced with my Hyper thyroid then he will put me back on my lower dose. But so far things are good!

Now as for motivation I am not sure how to get it back! Then again it could all be related to the dosage of my meds... It is amazing how much that pesky gland controls your body!!!!!! I have set a few goals to help aid in getting that motivation back!

The first and most important one is no trying on wedding dresses until I lose 10 more pounds!!!! Now if in 2 months I have only lost say 5-6 then I will go ahead because at least I have tried! And after all I want to do this the healthy way! I refuse to be one of those brides that starve myself! Well I just down right love food way to much for that! :)

Also at work it doesn't help that we all love snacking!!! Well we need to replace our snack drawer with a bit more healthy options than cheese its!!!!!! Also everyone loves baking and brings it in for us!!!! NO NO NO NO MORE I say!!! Now 2 of the other tellers also have a hypo thyroid!!! One has decided to help aid me in the right direction as I will with her! We will try to get Barbara in on this new health kick. I ordered some Organic fruit and nut bars! Strictly fruit, nuts, and honey!!!! So that will go in our snack area! And my friend said it keeps her full until her next meal and also gives her natural energy.

But one of my coworkers (we met up and got out nails done yesterday) was so happy because I avoided Chicfala yesterday!!!! I had a grilled chicken salad instead! Now anyone who knows me knows when I'm in Amarillo I have to go get chicken nuggets from there!!! I am highly addicted to chic fa la :). And even though I made the right choice I am dying inside because I didn't go get my secret love :). I usually got it as a reward and well yesterday I felt I did not deserve a reward! Gained weight and have been eating out all week and not working out like I normally would. So no reward for me! Maybe next weekend haha!

Plus once I get internet back I need to log on everyday!!! Honestly I noticed that when I was logging on everyday I was meeting goals and feeling extra motivated. I need SP in my life!!!!!! I need the friends I have met on here and the friends I will find!!

And speaking of friends on here I have become pretty close to one! She is hardly on anymore but we talk on facebook and texts. She will be attending my wedding :) and has offered to make the cake!! She needs to get her happy little behind back on here as well!

And to end this I will stop saying Ill do it tomorrow!!!!!!!! No more tomorrows and only today! :)
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    Hey Tammy!
    Glad to hear you got back online and that the job is still going well. I can't believe you didn't get those chicken nuggets. You should be proud of yourself. Good luck with more weight loss. It will be so worth it once you start trying on wedding dresses. Happy fourth!
    2839 days ago
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