What I've learned from 50 pounds

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I have officially hit 50 pounds lost. I'm down 2 pant sizes. It's been a year long journey and I still have 15 to go. I've been far from perfect on this weight loss journey and you know what? That's why it worked. I didn't lose the pound and a half per week I always wanted to lose. For about a month I was stuck at 35 pounds and gained before I started losing more. But here are some of the things I learned.

Exercise sucks. Yes, I still can't stand it. I'm not one of those people that fell in love. To make up for the extreme dislike, I found other things to do. Wii Fit, other Wii games, Just Dance, walking my dog...I still have to force myself to do strength training and that's the most important thing at this point to tone up all those areas that are suddenly so much smaller.

I'm the mayor of a restaurant with an AMAZING salad bar. I do the check in thing on my iphone, and I frequent a restaurant that has a great salad bar. I enjoy salad. I've developed a new obsession with ginger salad dressing. There's something about it that makes me crave it. Veggies are bigger than fruits for me when it used to be the other way around, which is pretty strange. I only drink 100% juices, when I do indulge.

Water. Eh....plain isn't so spectacular, but I still drink it. At work, I will allow myself some tea when I've had 2 glasses of water. I do the water add ins, which makes it much easier. Soda is something I have maybe once a week at most, but I cannot live completely without it.

Yesterday, I ate a huge piece of pie. I'm not saying "a piece slightly bigger than a 1/8th serving" I'm talking at least 1/6th of it. And it wasn't a low fat pie, it was a sweet, calorie laden store bought pie. Today, I had some mac and cheese. The best part about that? I'm fine with it. I never cut anything out. I refused to remove anything from my diet (diet as in normal daily eating habits) because I never wanted to crave something and overdo it because of that fact.

I'm worth it. I know we all say that but never really mean it. But this time, I truly realized I am. Before, my efforts were partially for my husband. Now I'm not married anymore and it was all for myself. That made a huge difference in everything I did. When it's just for yourself, you don't mind slipping up, you don't mind doing great one week and the next not so swell, because you know in the end you will be satisfied with yourself.

Time is not an enemy and should not be a factor. As I said before, I didn't lose that pound and a half per week like I wanted to. I averaged less than 1 per week in the past year. If you look at it that way, it seems like a failure. Look at the big picture. I weigh 50 pounds less starting this year than I did last year. Imagine 10 bags of flour, and how much you feel as far as weight with just one of those bags. Would you want to try carrying around 10 of those 5 pound bags? Of course not! It's amazing.

Thank you, SparkPeople, for the amazing gift you gave to me and continue give to people all over, and for free. Words can't explain how much I truly appreciate everything I have learned. I no longer track daily, because I've learned what a real portion is and how to calculate the calories throughout the day. I still read everything on the site, I use the exercise videos, I get my log in and email points. I visit the boards, even if it's not to post. One thing will never change...I will always be a member of this site. Whenever I need a boost, want more workout ideas, or feel like I need to track just to make sure I haven't lost sight of what I've learned. This is my life, and I am now prepared to make it everything I want it to be for my health.
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