Flamenco... And 3 Wks to 1st Half Marathon!

Monday, January 31, 2011

It's a new week people. Time is flying... February...what? Already? How!!?

I went out to a flamenco dance class on Saturday night. 1 Hour, 150 cals burned, learning basic form and poise of the dance.

This is NOT me, just some pics to show you what I was learning.

So that I can maybe one day, dance like this.

Gorgeous stuff. You should try it! And yes men, it's for guys also. :)

Afterwords, I hung around for Tapas with friends. Had a nice time and drank a little too much of the BEST SANGRIA I've ever had in my entire life. In Miami!!! And I've been all up and down Spain, but found it here.... soo funny...


Sunday morn comes with the buzzer going off for 6 am. I DO NOT WANT TO GO!
emoticon emoticon emoticon
The Sangria still lingers...(lol)... But I do anyway. Out in the open air at our training start point on the beach, I'm ready. After last week's 11 miles, this week was a toggle back down to 6 miles. "This should be a breeze," I think to myself. So I have no fear (like last week) and take off.
The weather is absolutely perfect. 55 degrees and warming. It felt great as the beach opened up to a new morning. (sorry no sunrise pics this week) Also I noticed that the beach was surprisingly quite quiet. Then I realized what it was... the Miami ING Half and Full Marathon was that very morning... and all the regular runners and exercisers were probably there (quick shot out to MBSHAZZER who was there and killed the Full ING Marathon under 4 hours! Everyone go check out her blog. She is a superwoman.) So without the regulars the beach and boardwalk felt quite deserted. A funny feeling. Like an apocalypse happened or something...(lol)... Anyway...

I started out a little unsteady, but overall in some semblance of a rhythm. As I hit about mile 2, my right knee start twinging. I knew that wasn't good. By mile 3 at the turnaround, my breathing was shallow and my knee was getting more and more unhappy. So I push through it. I didn't dunk into my water and energy gel packs like normal, and just kept going. I wonder if that was a downer to my body?

By mile 4, I started to realize that our group was getting more and more scarce by the minute. By the next couple of yards, I saw at least 2 or 3 people go down. This run for some reason, was just riddled with injuries... including me... because by this point, my knee was pretty much rubbed raw. Not pain... just increasing discomfort.

By mile 4.5 I was pretty much running on my own at the head of the group, which was HARD. You don't realize how much you rely on people just physically being next to you and the pounding of their footsteps to keep you going. You don't notice how much you rely on them until they're gone. So for a brief moment I considered slowing down to hang back with the group, but I quickly told myself not to do it. It's a trap. You'll lose your gate and your momentum, "Push"... just "keep moving."

Mile 5. All motivation and happy feeling is gone and the run on my own is just sheer grit. I have to train myself to properly run a portion and walk a portion with no cues from anyone else. And when you do that everything tells you to skip an interval, but you musn't! You have to push yourself to keep going. So on my own I go. Knee stiff. Pushing pushing and sending "happy thoughts" down to my knee telling it not to worry... the run was almost over (yes, for that run, I had to literally "pep" talk to my knee....lol) . Before I knew it, I had it... the last turnaround. And poof, 10 minutes later I was on the home stretch sprinting down to the finish point, aaaaaaaaand DONE!!!! Whew! 6 NOT EASY Miles. 1 Hour 29 Minutes, 1080 Cals burned.

I was so ecstatic it was over I can't even explain. As soon as I stopped running I realized how hot it had gotten and I just wanted to take off all my clothes (lol), BUT I refrained and only took off my jacket. It took me about 10 minutes to completely cool down which is way slow for me, so I obviously wasn't in great shape that run. Then I did my stretches and pulled out my trusty ice pack that I ALWAYS carry with me for my knee. (Sidenote: It stays cool because I put it in my little insolated lunch bag to stay cool while I'm running... it works really well). Sitting there I just people watched and enjoyed the view.

It was a nice quiet morning on the boardwalk...

As I was icing my knee the runners behind me started to come in and it was way worse than I expected. Almost all reports was how crappy of a run it was for everyone... I had to laugh, cause I just thought it was me. We all shared... knee, back, calve and shoulder injuries galore. And it was so funny because I felt that the week before, doing the 11 miles, it was a great run and even better was the run two weeks prior which was 9 miles. Those were awesome... so what was so different this time besides the distance?

As everyone disapated I mulled over how this run was sooo uneasy... then suddenly realized something. Just like with anything in life - work, school, dating, cooking - every run you have in any race training, or for the matter, any run in life that you may have... each one has a different personality, a different energy all together depending on your body, your mood, the weather, the music your listening to, the food you fueled yourself with, the distance, and on and on.... And so you have to be prepared for all faces that your run can leave you with, you know? I hope that makes sense...

So I simply put my game face on, acknowledged that this was a "grumpy" run and moved on.

I picked myself up and drove home with my ice pack on my knee the whole way...(lol). By the time I got home my knee was nice and frozen which felt really good. My knee is still paining me and I'm hoping it goes away soon... so wish me luck.

From now on I am going to continue always preparing for a tough run with my game face. That way I will always be prepared for the worst no matter which run shows up. Now it's down to 3 weeks before my very first half marathon. Woo! Oh how time is flying...

It's all in the preparation now.... woot woot...

Bless. emoticon
emoticon...for reading. Leave me a note... I love that! emoticon

"If at first you don't succeed... try, try again."

With man, this is possible. With GOD, ALL things are possible.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LDY_ALI_79
    I wish is was 55 degree weather in Indy....haha, you lucky girl!

    I think that's pretty cool you're taking classes, I love to see people dance like that! Me and you share the same dream of dancing like that!

    Take care~
    3519 days ago
    You go girl! Keep pushing forward :)
    3521 days ago
    Wow! I would love to do just a 5k for now. Good luck on your half-marathon.
    3524 days ago
    You are so inspiring! I definitely am going to change my attitude about my grumpy runs and go in with my game face on. THANK YOU!
    3526 days ago
  • BRE7482
    I really really needed to read this blog today. Your dedication is inspiring. emoticon
    3526 days ago
    April, I always enjoy reading your blogs. Good luck in three weeks. You can do it. I will someday run a half marathon; just started running 5ks after no running for 18 years. So for the moment, I cheer for other runners. Good luck with your next run.

    3526 days ago
    Thx everybody. You guys keep me going...seriously.
    emoticon all around! emoticon emoticon
    3526 days ago
  • LASHAY74
    Great job girlie! Cant believe that its just 3wks till your HM! You are so ready for it! I hope you had a great recovery day:)and looking forward to the HM report! I am soooo excited for you!

    I so wish I was in Miami right now. I live in the midwest and another ice/snow storm is about to start up again:(.

    Again great blog, grt motivation to push thru!
    3526 days ago
    Aprile, thanks for the shout out! Nice job powering through a tough run. I like having a tough one close to a race because that usually means the race will go well - the law of averages, you know?! And it's good to distinguish between pain and discomfort. I know you are going to ROCK OUT at the A1A!
    3527 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7221782
    April! You are a beast!!!! Way to grit it out!!!!
    You might try wrapping your knee before you run to give it some support, that might help you out some...
    I also know, for me, I can't drink any alcohol the night before a longer run...hahaha! I always feel like dog doodoo if I do!!!
    Keep up the good work - your half marathon will be a breeze for you!!!!!!
    3527 days ago
    Good job girl, it stinks but sometimes there are just bad runs. I wish I knew how to prevent them because they do seem to happen to me at the worst times. lol
    3527 days ago
  • DRB13_1
    Glad you completed your run and love the flamenco dancing (I've taken a few classes but your teachers look very authentic)...
    please consider checking out the chi running. I'm aiming to run injury free, and even though you are tough and capable, I'd love for you to have an injury/pain-free run as well! emoticon Just think about it emoticon
    3527 days ago
    Great that you made it through the run. I was one of the runners in the ING and it started out nice and cool but by mile two, I was sweating. It could have been worse though. I remember five years ago standing in rain for almost 45 minutes for the race to start. That was not fun!
    Good luck with your race. You will do great!
    3527 days ago
    Roots Rock Runner checking in.....You know I'm proud of you, right? You are truly dedicated to the training and that is vital! Nothing is going to stop that drive! Yes, February is here! WE ARE GOING TO KILL IT, TOO!
    3527 days ago
    Wow April! you are doing great. it is great to be able to give yourself that pep talk when you need one!
    3527 days ago
    Yes, it is so hard to believe that it is already February..January, where did you go, lol! What a emoticon blog. You are full of determination and pushed through to get to the end emoticon . emoticon emoticon
    3527 days ago
  • VERITY50
    Wow, good for you pushing your way through! Now rest that knee till next time... emoticon emoticon
    3527 days ago
    emoticon Living life and loving it!!! emoticon
    3527 days ago
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