Motivator, what?!? And Secret Weapon #1

Monday, January 24, 2011

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What?!? I was just notified by SP that I am now a SP motivator. Quite fun indeed, but how in the world does that happen? (laughing) I am quite humbled (thank you my SP lovelies!!!), but seriously... me???....

I mean seriously! I must be one of the slowest (weight) losers on the entire SP site! I've got 68 pounds to lose and it's just this crazy up and down, back and forth trip, success failure, success trip...you know? In comparison to other who get on the bandwagon and drop loads of weight in a matter of months, it's taken me over a year to fight for my total current loss. And it might take me another year to get to goal.... who knows?
But... I started thinking... what is it then? And I realized my skill in this isn't my weight loss story, because I don't have much of one.... yet. (smiling) Rather, my skill is "BEING ACTIVE" and pushing others to be active as well.

In the past year I've gone from a couch potato to out almost every other day of the week doing something anything to get me going. I am strong and getting fiercer everyday because of this.

I now....
Cycle (best, 62 miles)
Hike (best, 4 miles) emoticon
Exercise (best, 3-4x a week... cardio AND strength training)
Zumba (best, I now zumba w ith the best of them, nuff said, lol)
Salsa (best, I've got almost all the moves to the T)
and RUN (best, I just knocked out 10 miles recently on my HM training)
Sidenote: I think somewhere in there I even went out and did a Flying Trapeze school... did I ever blog that? Oh snap... got to get on that. (ha...)

In my training for a half marathon, I keep reminding others to start their own RUN persona... and I am still getting notes about someone signing up for their first 5, 10, 15k because of my push. I love that! Makes me soooo happy indeed.

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Anyway... activity is important. It gets your juices going and makes your body AND mind strong and stable. And it makes you feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD. Like nothing stands in your way. And no "pill, potion or lotion" can give you that.

So yes, I fully own up to my Motivator status. I love it... and I'm thankful for it. And now I'm just going to run with it. So stay tuned. I shall be delivering some secret weapons that have helped me along the way. Hopefully they'll motivate and help you too... to stay healthy and strong.

So here we go... you ready? This is a simple one. You can so do this one.

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------------SECRET WEAPON #1------------
------------Dress for Success!!!------------

Get into the gear that is going to get you out the door or in front of your tv with exercise dvd on cue, ready to kick some butt.

Night Exercisers - The moment you get home and in the door, you usually are exhausted and tired beyond belief. You sit down or change your work clothes into something more comfy. Change that! As you walk in the door, put your bags down.... but before your butt hits any chair, go change into your workout outfit. Put it on and feel the power, and then get going.

Morning Exercisers - The moment you go to sleep, you drift off not thinking about your morning exercise plan. That's ok, but what happens when you wake up? In the comfort of your bed? You don't want to get out at all. But what if you put on your exercise clothes the night before? Then you wake up, brush your teeth, put on your sneaks, and poof, you're ready to go. Just like that.

Dress for success, and make it happen. One step at a time to being active in life.


As for me... I haven't even begun to be done yet. I still have a few more "activity goals" to meet in my life.

Surf emoticon
Dragon Boat Racing
Scuba Diving
and more Flying Trapeze school... (lol)... that was so fun.

Long list right??? Crazy.. but I figure there's enough of us on SP that we can all tackle it together, right???!?!?... (laughing)

Bless. emoticon
emoticon...for reading. Leave me a note... I love that! emoticon

"If at first you don't succeed... try, try again."

With man, this is possible. With GOD, ALL things are possible.
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