My 'Half Marathon Training' Catchup Story

Friday, January 14, 2011

My "Half Marathon Training" Catchup Story... for anyone who cares... (:P)
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Can't believe it...

And still it's so scary to say that out loud. Ha...

So here's the story thus far.

Back in November, I joined a running group. Paid $100 for basically 16 weeks of guidance. First day, it started strong at about 140 people. The goal is that we meet on the beach every Sunday morning at 7am (there goes sleeping in for 4 months!). And so each week we beat out increased mileage until the HM at the end of February.

The main difference with this running group is they use the Galloway RUN-WALK-RUN™ method (Jeff Galloway, famous runner/author/fitness speaker--google him and educate yourself). Meaning, certain RUN/WALK intervals in order to sustain performance and reduce and even prevent injury. For example, run 2 mins/walk 1, or run 8 mins/walk 1 min. So in this running group you join a pace group at whatever level you're comfortable at.

In between the Sunday runs, the schedule for cardio is all you. But basically you have to commit 30-40 mins of cardio 3-4x a week. I do that anyway so, that was easy.

So here's a little synopsis of my training thus far:

::::::::WEEKS 1-3 (3-5 miles)::::::::

November. Start of it all! 140 people strong. 6 pace level groups. I killed it. Didn't even blink. My one problem was waking up at 6am on a Sunday to get there by 7. (lol) NOT pleasant! I started to get cocky and push a little too hard. And "enter stage left", my left knee starts giving me achy problems. "Hmmm... Wonder what that's about?"....I was thinking to myself. Oh well, no big deal. (lol) silly, silly.

::::::::WEEKS 4-5 (5-7 miles):::::::::

Nov/Dec. 140 people strong. Still 6 level groups. Started getting used to waking up so early because sunrise on the beach is GORGEOUS!

I was running and doing amazing internally. Heart good, breathing smart, cardiovascular completely keeping up, but my knee was ailing more and more. Then finally I finished a run, and I was completely hobbled. It's amazing how good you "think" you are. Then, you are oh-so quickly corrected, ha. Very humbling. So my running leader patched me up with some ice which helped a great deal. He recommended a few things to me. 1) Ibuprofen before every run, 2) always ice your knee following the run and 3) take time off from running. The last advice killed me. What?!? (grrr)

::::::::Weeks 6-7 (6-7 miles):::::::::

December. My knee was bad, and scared me silly. I stayed home. It was stiff and achy. Not necessarily pain, but incredible discomfort. Every movement felt like bone on bone. I literally moved like an old lady. At one point I was so afraid, I thought I might have a torn miniscus, but it would recover too quickly to be that, so I ruled it out. I hated, HATED not being able to run, but I had to chill. When my knee started feeling better, I got back to the gym and switched to the bike and elliptical instead of the treadmill... much less "knee" impact. Also I upped my omega threes by 3 times what the label said. So the bottle says take 2, I was taking about 6 a day to help with my cell repair.

::::::::Week 8-10 (7-9 miles):::::::::

January. Back on my feet! Back with the group, which by the way had dwindled by at least 1/3. Probably around 90 people. 5 groups now. Debuted running with a much better knee. I started taking ibuprofen and a dose of omega threes before my runs. Also I bought some awesome CWZ running support tights to secure my knee (see pic later). Then underneath those tights I wore a brace. It was like Fort Knox on my knees, trust me, lol. Tight and secure.

On top of that I brought a case of ice to the beach for icing my knee right after each run. It was crazy. So crazy, that after taking proper preparation and respecting the limits of my body, I actually completed running 7, then 8, then 9 miles. 9 miles! Can't even believe that still, but it happened and when I was finished with that last 9 mile run two weeks ago, the pride I felt was like I had crossed some imaginary finish line. I actually felt really, really good. And woman-STRONG, you know? ha... That's when I knew I could it. That's when I KNEW I could run this half marathon. That's also when I knew I had to fess up and OWN IT and start announcing to the world of my goal.

My friends and I stayed afterwards on the beach and toasted to our success.

Then I was still so ecstatic I could just MOVE...(lol) my friend Lauris said, "hey, jump for joy". And I did...!

It was great.

::::::::WEEK 11 (10K - 6 miles)::::::::

Whew, ok, so now last weekend was a COMPLETE blur. Somehow, I ran a 10K. (laughing) I don't even remember driving there, getting ready, doing registration or anything. It was just kind of a shuffle thing that I did because as a group, it was on our schedule, but I did it. I promise I'll report more on it soon. It's just so funny to realize that all of a sudden, also doing a 10K is accomplished. Poof, just check off the list.

Crazier things have happened....(lol)

Hugs to all! More soon!

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"If at first you don't succeed... try, try again."

With man, this is possible. With GOD, ALL things are possible.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    That's outstanding!!!!
    3523 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6993458
    You are doing AMAZING things! Got over your knee injury and already you are back on track with your training group; and you polished off a 10K along the way! I will enjoy reading about that too! Keep up the great work - BTW, have you thought about the joining the MIH team in April in Kansas for another HM?
    3539 days ago
    emoticon Wow, you're almost there! Keep up the good work!
    3539 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6096849
    Such a wonderful story! I think you should make the picture of you jumping your profile pic. That picture is so awesome! You're a wonderful runner. can't wait to see you cross that HM finish line. 13.1, April is coming for ya azz!!!
    3540 days ago
    Your smile is contagious! So glad you are taking care of your knee and super excited for all you have accomplished!! You ROCK!! What a great place to run each week. I cannot wait to hear about that HM!!!!
    3543 days ago
    Hey Hey Runner Girl!! Look at you! I love that picture of you jumping for joy! I'm training for a HM too, but I sure wish I was training in FL on the beach with you!! Love your blog!
    3543 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5483846
    what a great story! i love it! makes me wonder if i am up to training for a half marathon too. oh, listen and take care of your body! if you feel pain, stop. this is one of the advice i got from an ultra-marathoner :D
    3544 days ago
    emoticon Nothing less than the best! U rock...
    3544 days ago
    What a beautiful place you have to run! glad Fort Knox is taking good care of the knee problem. and you are Amazing, running all that way! WooHoo! i've gotta get my butt in gear!
    3544 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7221782
    Great blog! Great pictures!!! I wish I was running along the beach!!!
    Keep on going, girl! You've got this!

    3544 days ago
    You are going strong!!!! I would love seeing the sunrise on the beach! Enjoy your training. It sounds like you are having fun. I can't wait to hear more.

    3544 days ago
    It sounds like you're doing great! I'm sure you'll do fantastic at your half marathon.

    I'm very surprised your running leader suggested Ibuprofen before running. It is generally accepted that Ibuprofen (and any other NSAID) before endurance exercise is not a good idea as it can impact kidney function, cause gastrointestinal distress, plus it is masking pain that could indicate a serious problem. At every race I've done they never have Ibuprofen at the medical tents, only Tylenol (acetominophen). I've also been told by coaches and docs that if you want to take Ibuprofen to wait 24-48 hours after a long run/race to do so...you may want to google "ibuprofen and running" for more info or talk your your personal doctor, I'd hate for anything to make you hurt more since you are so excited (and doing SO well!).

    Keep up the great work!!!
    3544 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5197542
    What a great and inspiring story! Of course you can do this! You ARE doing it! Loved the pic of you jumping with joy. Put a smile on my face.

    Also, congrats on the 10k that just whirled you by! LOL!

    Keep paying attention to the knee, and KILL that 1/2!
    3545 days ago
    Wow, great job!! You have been up to some great stuff. I too am training for a half marathon. Mine is in March. Looking at your pictures makes me realize that I need to move. I can't believe that beach and January were used in the same paragraph. I literally drooled looking at those palm trees. I have been stuck running on the treadmill lately because of snow... BLEH!!!

    Anyway, I am glad that you are feeling better. Take it easy on your body though. I find that doing deep stretching lunges after each run for about 5-10 minutes has really helped eliminate pain from my knees. I actually do them everyday, even on days when I don't run.

    Congrats on the 10K also! I am so excited for you!
    3545 days ago
    You're awesome! I can't wait to run another race! Glad you're knee is feeling better. I too have a bum knee. I think I'll start doing some things your trainer suggested too.
    3545 days ago
    Look at my Roots Rock Runner! This is what I am talking about! Got me wanting to go run for days! I, too, am glad you listened to your body. I know it can be tough and I have had to deal with it, too. So, as I prepare for a race tomorrow, it will also be my first run in over 2 weeks. Sheesh! Continue to KILL IT!
    3545 days ago
    Isn't it great? Pay attention to your body - as you have - and you'll be fine. Galloway rocks!
    3545 days ago
    Cool! Just keep icing that knee! You are a runner :)
    3545 days ago
    Awesome story! I wish there was a running group around where I live!
    3545 days ago
    Good old "vitamin I"! Works wonders! Glad to hear the knee is better and that you did not let a small setback discourage you!

    Remember, pain is temporary; pride is forever!

    You are going to just KILL this half marathon. I will let you know if I am running it... will have to see how I feel after the marathon. But if I am no there in person, I will be there with you in spirit!
    3545 days ago
  • ROBYN168
    April - so glad you listened to your body - and took the time to fix it first -

    You are going to rock your HM.
    3545 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6084599
    Way to go girl!! I'm glad your knee is better!! It's good when we listen to our bodies!! I can't wait to see the pics of you crossing the finish line of your half marathon!!! Keep motivating us girl!!!
    3545 days ago
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