Update & Food Blog: Kashi Dinner, Chicken Florentine

Friday, September 17, 2010

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It is the middle of Semptember!!! How? When it was just July, 2 days ago?


***Brief Update***

"Sinus" friend is gone (relieved sigh). Honestly, if she was here without the drama and the sickliness it would have been great, but it just doesn't work like that with her, ever, ha. Trust me, I've known her 7 years now... (smiling) So anyway, I am returning back to peace and harmony, and well wishes to her. However, bad news is that I am indeed sick. Although I caught it and my body translated it into a mild cold, I DON'T LIKE IT!!! Grah! I don't get sick, ever. So this is truly annoying. If I had caught it from my everyday-ness, that's one thing, but instead I got it from chica who basically just wishes it upon herself (she's a classic hypochondriac BTW), (sigh) and now I have it. Uncool. Whew!!! Ok, "woosah" there on that one too. (lol)

BTW - My last blog with so many comments was like a great big "WOOSAH" moment (laughing)! So, indeed I'm taking everyone's advice... upping the water, focusing on pulling my stress back down and ditching the scale until my weigh in NEXT week. I did weigh myself Wednesday morn before the "weigh in fast" and I still have that 6 pounds on me. Boo...(sigh)... But now my stomach doesn't feel fat anymore so maybe that really was water retention which is now coming down. "We fall down, but we get up"... so do that, I shall. BTW, who sings that song anyway?!?!? (curious) Anyone?
The increasing my water load is funny because boy, I am going to the ladies every two seconds! Seriously! And it is so suddenly urgent that I truly pity the person in my path at those numerous given moments...I don't mean to run people over, I swear it...(laughing). Hopefully I'll be back to 100% by Sunday which I have scheduled to pick back up my running. Still hunting for a next 5K. I'm officially hooked, lol.

Food Blog #3
Kashi Chicken Florentine Entree

So besides my Morningstar Farms aficionado (see previous food blogs), I love Kashi. I am repeatedly so impressed with their products. One of my favorite things from Kashi is their dinner entrees. And since I'm sick this week, I haven't even looked at my kitchen to cook anything. N-O, you know? So healthy frozen dinners it is.

This week I saved the Chicken Florentine for a quick lunch.

Nutrition Values::: Fantastico (for a frozen dinner, that is.)
Total Fat-9g

First of all, sidenote, I love the package. It's so environmentally friendly and pretty (less packaging, friendly dyes), make me feel like a "green" person already...ha.

I tear into the package, and voila. Food! And a whole bunch of it. Enough to make me happy with a full stomach, I can already tell.

The main things I immediately see are yummy spinach, lots of red bell peppers and chicken everywhere.

I heat it up in the microwave per the instructions and I catch a whiff of something. "Hmmm, what is that?" My nose is slightly assaulted. It smells pungent, like spoiled cheese. I look back at the package and low and behold is the list of the culprit, parmesian cheese. As the microwave timer counts down, the smell just gets worse. So I suffer through it and finally pull it out the microwave.

All the spinach and peppers are bright and fresh-looking. The chicken strips look like solid pieces of chicken breast and they're everywhere... so good. Also their signature Kashi rice pilaf is all over the bottom of the dish. And now I even see mushrooms too. It looks scrumptous.
I dive in and... "yum, yum, yummers, yum-to-the-yum-yum, yummmmmmmmmy."

It is uber good.

Chicken tastes firm and simple, you know, no fuss, just grilled... because the flavor from the red bell peppers and the spinach, and especially the garlic white wine sauce is already perfect enough. And the rice pilaf even though it was heated down, has this excellent chewy crunch texture against everything else. And then the final hurdle was the parmesian cheese which just added the right punch. So while it didn't smell at all good... (laughing) it all tastes FANTASTIC. Oh, and did I mention the little bits of mushrooms? Really good.

Overall, this stuff is the bomb. Complete winner. Tastes fresh, healthy and simple. Those are my favorite meals... fresh, healthy and simple. And dare I say... nothing was left on that plate, nothing.

Funny thing... I'm writing this and already want some more... emoticon

So try it out. I am so getting more at the store.

Hope you enjoyed it. And don't forget your free Kashi snack too if you haven't gotten it.

Everybody have a happy and a healthy...and don't get sick! emoticon

Bless. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh girl I am hearing many ladies catching colds. I am sending you some healing vibes and prayers. I am rebuking colds from my house. those things are not so good for me/
    3661 days ago
    good thing i like that song. i will be singing it for a few days now!! glad your Sinus friend is gone. too bad she left you with a reminder! hope you get better soon!
    3662 days ago
  • DYA177
    I have been following your blogs and althought I don't comment on all of them, I do enjoy your food critique. Very Descriptive. I hope you feel better,

    Next time, load up on EMERGEN-C available at Whole Foods. Its just Vitamin C to drink. But this is BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY GET SICK. emoticon
    3662 days ago
    You're a terrific healthy-food critic, Aprile! So tempted to try the Kashi...and I'm a lover of parmesan cheese, as it so happens :) Your review bespeaks a fine food product which deserves a place on many a dinner table! I'm glad The Nose That Knows has departed, and I applaud you for your willingness AND ability to abide her hypochondriacal whining. She must enjoy that memorable car commercial's jingle: "Every Day Is a Whiny Road" :) Me, I swear by (but never at!) chicken soup for such symptoms, which reminds me - it's time to make a big fall batch of that stuff for myself!

    So excited that you've thoroughly embraced 5 K's, too! emoticon - Sandi emoticon
    3662 days ago
  • CSHELL75
    I enjoyed this blog. You fell down, but you're up again. Don't worry. You've been here before, so you know you will knock those 6 lbs off. Stay the course. You've got this!
    3663 days ago
    Donnie McClurkin!!!! That's right! It was right on the tip of my tongue... (sigh, laugh) Thanks Debbie!
    And thanks everyone for the well wishes... I'm getting back up slowly indeed... Kashi, exercise and all. Sharon, I'm gonna look for that pumpkin bar... how cool...don't know that one. Yay. Kashi is expensive no doubt. Schenn, I actually got it on sale myself, woot, so I completely am with you on that. Nancy - the lemon coconut chicken is pure yumminess too. Got to agree! KJOHNSON011 and ROBYN, we ARE all going to get better (sniff, sniff), soon! We shall survive...(laughing)
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3663 days ago
  • ROBYN168
    April - I am with ya in the cold dept....not liking it one little bit.....

    3663 days ago

    We Fall Down but We Get Up! Donnie McClurkin! enjoy... Love the "Whoosah!" Proud of you for breaking through... it's all up from here... emoticon

    ~Debbie emoticon
    3663 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/18/2010 1:28:49 AM
    Wow LOVE kashi dinners! DELICIOUSO! But yes I absolutely cant believe it's September 2!!! It literally seems as though this yr has just gotten started. But idk 4 some strange reason my sinuses have really flared this month and I have been very irritated. N e who...hope u have a gr8 rest of the month and feel better!!!
    3663 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6096849
    I love Kashi meals. The red curry is one of my favorites! I don't get them that often because they're usually like $4.30 - $4.50 at my grocery store and I'm trying to cut back on food costs. But when they're on special, I do stock up on them. I hope you feel better soon. Take it easy and don't overdo it. You'll be back to your fighting weight in no time!
    3663 days ago

    I love Kashi dinners, too. Have you tried the Lemon Coconut Chicken one? To die for!!! Even better than the Chicken Florentine, IMHO.

    Hope you're feeling better soon. Have a great weeekend.

    Be well,
    3663 days ago
    "I get knocked down, but I get up again"... Chumbawumba (sp?) "Tubthumping". Hehe. The things that take up valuable real estate in my brain.

    Cracking up at "sinus"! I am picturing an enormous nose taking up residence in your living room. Glad you have recovered from her visit; sorry she left a little reminder behind. Sounds like you are back on track and feeling more normal!

    Thanks for the product review. I love Kashi! Just ate a bar of some sort... wait, here's the wrapper, it's a TLC Pumpkin Pecan fruit and grain bar! YUM!

    Have an awesome weekend!
    3663 days ago
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