Weekend Good and Bad. Weight Gain Rant.

Monday, September 13, 2010

WARNING: This blog post is not sunshine and daisies... emoticon
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Had quite a weekend... both good and bad. I don't even know where to start.

THE GOOD emoticon
Went line dancing, Friday night and had sooo much fun. It was a completely new experience. I went because I was invited by a group and there was a class, so it helped to get me there, you know? There was tons of people there all moving in quasi unison and then the really experienced ones would twirl. And then on the outskirts of the dance floor there would be couples sashaying in unison doing their own line dance. I only see that stuff in the movies! (laughing) It was so neat. Poor me, I was so lost. And I'm a good dancer too! But I only got one of the five dances. I was a hot mess, but who cares, you know? (lol) And boy me with my caramel skin and long dreadlocks and sandals (I don't have any cowboy boots), I stuck out like a sore thumb. I mean, waaaaaay out...(lol). All part of the fun...(laughing).
Then salsa dancing was Saturday night. This was kind of a bust, because everyone who said they were going didn't and then the one guy there who said he could dance, couldn't! I felt so lied to... (ha)... but the venue was off the chain, so at least I found a new night spot.

THE BAD emoticon

I have a friend staying with me. More on that later. And I have gained weight. In one week!!! I'm up 6 pounds since my wonderfully amazing weigh in last weekend. I thought I was firmly planted in the 180's but not so.

Timeline: emoticon
Sat AM (9/04) - 187
Sun PM - 185
Mon AM - 185
Wed AM - 187, what???
Fri AM - 189!!! WHAT?!?!
Sun AM (9/12) - 191!!!
I thought I had started such a good week, but I guess it progressively just got out of control. Quite a few factors involved, I suppose.

RECAP of Timeline: emoticon
Sat AM (9/04) - 187, good, just one pound off my weekly goal. Ran 5K Sat PM.

Sun PM - 185, I was amazed! No doubt, thanks to the 5K while doing good with my calories. Well on my way to hitting goal of 184 by the end of the week.

Mon AM - 185, excellent maintaining! It was Labor Day and I still stayed in my calorie range, no treating. Very happy. Very hopeful I could drop one pound by end of week.

Tues PM - No weigh in. A friend came in to stay with me for a week. She is very high maintenance and odd beyond belief and incredibly stubborn and slow-paced, and we often clash on a million things but she needed a place to stay while job hunting and interviewing, so I said ok. So I was half looking forward to it and half not. She arrived and my resilience was strong, so she didn't throw me off my routine. Calories on track. Exercise on track. I'm expecting a great weigh in.
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Wed AM - 187, what??? 2 lbs in several, consecutive "on track" days?!? Mass confusion. Then by the evening, I was out of groceries and my prepared meals. I mean, my whole kitchen was just barren. And I didn't get paid till Friday. I always try to plan ahead to avoid this, but money is so tight it often doesn't work, and I don't have any help so... (sigh). The friend was in town on a budget too, so little help there. I had to resort to purchasing fast food, the cheapest healthiest I could get - salads, chili, baked potato, chicken - nothing crazy. I did so and STILL stayed in my calorie ranges. I was doing good.

Thur AM - No weigh in. Tracking food every day and staying in my calorie range and exercising. All week I exercised, alternating running and ST. I was doing awesome.
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Fri AM - 189!!! WITW?!? How could this be?!? I'm so frustrated by this point. I was having great "on track" days all week and the week prior, and gaining weight? By afternoon, I just didn't care anymore. I started treating. Not crazy, but definitely taking part in a Mint Milano or two... or five... (lol). It was frustration. On top of that, with my friend staying with me, my resilience was diminishing. The high maintenance of she was starting to get to me... on top of that she claims she has a sinus infection. She could or she couldn't. She is a classic hypochondriac. Have you ever lived with someone constantly phlegming and sniffing and snorting and huffing and coughing nonstop? It's disgusting... Friday night line dancing with her was a quite testing, but I get over it.

Sat AM - I don't weigh in. I'm just uncaring and frustrated. Unfortunately Saturday night with the friend out to salsa was like a nightmare. My short fuse is officially blown and I have lost my patience. Every second is me holding my tongue and trying to handle just being nice.

Sun AM - 191. I am so ticked at the scale. And I'm so tired and stressed out with the friend. I am just eating as a comfort. She's driving me crazy as I was afraid she would. And she's still snorting and phlegming. It's gross. But I was out being active ALL weekend long. In addition, that very afternoon, the friend and I went to a street festival and were walking around for at least two hours, little eating. So I had been very active.
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So that brings us to today. Monday. I didn't weigh in because I half forgot, and half just wanted to get out of the house. Plus I half don't want to know. The friend is driving me crazy and all I want to do is lose this weight. I feel like my stomach is fat again...(ha)...like it all went right back to my belly. But, tomorrow the friend leaves, and I can be back on track for sure.

Gosh. Who knew a houseguest could be so flippin stressful, especially this one...(whew! sorry, I had to let that one out). So I am mentally exhausted and very disappointed in the weight gain. Have to dock my scale back again. Grrr!!!! I hate that.

But, alas... I did have a nice eventful weekend. In evaluating my overall state, I'm good. I'm not feeling guilty or remorseful (which doesn't help anything). Also I'm in good spirits... not at all down in the dumps, just annoyed and stressed, but in good spirits. I can attribute that to a few things - I've been exercising regularly so lots of endorphins, I've done several new "physically active" activities over the weekend, and even though she drives me nuts, when she acts normal, it's nice having her for a visit.

So, I am on my feet ready to tackle this stupid weight gain foolishness. I will get to my finish line...someday ...(laughing)... I think that's the key to this whole journey. Perseverance. You just can't give up. Day in and day out we have to roll with the punches and deal with everything in our lives... all with our weight loss/health journeys constantly in mind. Therefore getting down on ourselves doesn't help. It hurts, it hinders, it slows us down. We have to just get back up the very next second we can.

So sorry about the rant. Had to get it out! Ha. This is just my report that I backslid (again!!!), but I'm getting right back up, come my friend's departure.

I know I'm not supposed to compare my weight loss with others, but I'm amazed at how some of you guys can shed 3-4 pounds in a week and keep going. What is your secret?

It would just be nice to see the 180's again, you know? Thanks for "listening". *Hugs* to everyone.

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"If at first you don't succeed... try, try again."

With man, this is possible. With GOD, ALL things are possible.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am so sorry that you are dealing with this setback. Perhaps something that might help is not weighing yourself everyday. It really helps me to focus more on my choices and listening to my body than ont he number. I would bet that you knew you were gaining weight before you stepped on that scale those mornings. All the scale did was stress you out. Once or twice a week works for me. Maybe give it a try. Anyway, all is never lost. Today is another day to get back on track, You'll be back in the 180's in no time!

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    3665 days ago
    Sounds frustrating, but like you're recognizing your feelings and working through them, which is positive! Keep up the good work!
    3665 days ago
    LOL...I am glad I am not the only one who rants like that sometimes. You just have to get it out and everything can calm down again. I am still laughing about the friend with snorting, sniffing, coughing issue. I know she was probably miserable, but you sure described it well!! :) Just hang in there with the weight gain. You have been doing well and like others have said...salt and stress are not your friends. Just keep movin' on!
    3665 days ago
  • ROBYN168
    Hang in there....it sounds like you have all the good advice already - and you are in control of your situation...

    Stress is a huge factor in my weight - it's been a stressful week here and I am all over the place.

    I try to tell myself that it is life long not day long - and if those moments come up - controlling them and not letting them take over is the most important.

    You can do it!!!!

    3666 days ago
    You know DENI_ZEN... I guess I just had to "get it out", you know? (laughing) Whew. Because as soon as I posted this... I felt so much better. Thx to everyone for listening... for real. And the friend is gone so the place is quiet again from "sinus issues". Thank goodness! Meantime, I'm still up 6 pounds. ALESHABEE, I think you're right, a lot of stress was behind it, huh? Plus everyone else, you were right too... didn't think about the sodium intake no doubt. So I'm going to hang in there and "woosah" for a weigh in NEXT week...(lol). And I shall be guzzling down the water in the meantime... thank you dolls!
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    3666 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/15/2010 1:07:58 PM
    LOLOL!!! "...not sunshine and daisies..." Nahhh, it's more on the order of "Aprile trudges through life's horse-hockey and poison ivy"!! My heart goes out to you, young lady! What really counts is that you managed to emerge with your wonderful sense of humor still intact :) You still recognized all the "positives" first and were able to put a humorous twist on Ms. Snot-a-lot and her hypochondriacal leanings! And, that weight gain's temporary; it's not fat, but water. In the space of a day and for lunch ALONE, I've been known to pack on five pounds. So, I make a point of not looking at the ol' Tanita 'til I've been back on the weight wagon for about four days. I predict that in about a week, that water's going to leave your (fit as a FIDDLE!) body - not to worry! Listening to her drone on about her alleged sinus infection, and punctuating it with well-placed snorts and coughing, etc., had to be one of the high points of the stay, yet your activity level was fantastic! And, you did your very best with eating...plus, you appreciate Mint Milanos :::sigh!!!::: But as my late dad used to say, "This, too, shall pass," and your friend's snortin' 'n' snottin', etc., won't last forever, either. Meanwhile, big emoticon !!! - Sandi emoticon
    3666 days ago
    Girl have you been put through the wringer or what? emoticon Like someone else said someone else said...sometimes you just have to laugh at it all. I've been doing plenty of that lately because if I don't it's the tears that come, lol. And I definitely feel you on the pay day thing...I get paid once a month so girl you KNOW the end of the month is crazy in my house, lol. You handled it all pretty well though...and you know what? I bet you money that all that weight gain was from stress. I will never forget when they brought back that lady to the bigger loser...she was on the red team and had been voted off and at home she lost a ton of weight. The week she came back to the biggest loser ranch...Girl she gained 5 POUNDS!! I was like...wth? Yup stress it'll do it and it sounds like that is what happened to you. Now you are back on track though and this is a beautiful thing...you go get it girl!! emoticon
    3666 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5483846
    i'm glad you're feeling much better now. when i go through bad days, i just laugh at it. somehow, knowing how to laugh at ourselves makes everything lighter. About weight loss, remember that I gained 5 lbs? Well... it has been more than a week and i'm still at 175. i havn't exactly been that good. But i wasn't bad. lol. if you know other people's secret to losing 3-4 lbs a week, tell me ok? lol. i seem to have forgotten how to do this again. :D take care!
    3667 days ago
    Good for you at not letting things get to you too much. I think I'd go nuts with that kind of houseguest, you're a better woman than me! NO WAY you gained that much if you were within your calorie range; as others have said, it's almost certainly water retention. Hang in there, drink a TON of water, and keep going; it will drop off!
    3667 days ago
    You have a GREAT attitude about it all! I wouldn't worry too much, sounds like mostly water weight, plus you know that stress causes weight gain, too, right? Because of your adrenal gland. Or maybe you're coming up on that time of the month? I have gained as much as 9 pounds in 2 days from good ole Aunt Flo. Don't you love being a girl??? I sent up a prayer for you, but I'm also so impressed with your terrific attitude. You can do it! Have a good week!
    3667 days ago
  • LASHAY74
    Hang in there sweetie...esp with the house guest!

    You will get control again of the weight....up that water your retaining...get moving and DO NOT weigh for awhile....at least till you have flushed that system out emoticon


    OMG...you had so much fun this weekend! :) Glad you did!

    Keep on keeping on and you will soon dip back in thoses 80's
    3667 days ago
    (laughing, laughing, laughing...) OMG! Yes! Couldn't have said it better myself. Just needed a serious "WOO-SAH" moment girl. (exhale, hands together in concentration) Certainly feel better now... whew...
    emoticon emoticon
    3667 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/13/2010 11:46:32 PM
    emoticon Sounds like you need a woo-sah moment. Step back, deep breath, scream if you need to. emoticon Then... move on! You can't lose with the stuff you use! Head up and face forward... now march! emoticon

    emoticon ~Debbie
    3667 days ago
    Wow... everybody was so sweet today to take the time and listen to my rant. I'm telling you, I'm re-reading it now and I'm like, wow that was intense. Way too much on the scale, totally ridiculous that I got frustrated so quickly. And yes, I can have sympathy for sinus issues, but it's difficult hearing it 24/7. And yes I've told her kindly, but since it's literally every two seconds, she does the best she can, which I'm just trying to deal with. (sigh, laugh) What to do?

    So indeed I shall be throwing away the scale for a few days and continuing on with my eating and exercise plan. Also upping the water intake as it makes sense there could be water retention. Love the ideas on how to stay on track. Thank you! And Sharon, next time I go line dancing, I'll let you know.... you can come with! :P To everyone else, be blessed. You guys came to the rescue!
    Thank you!!!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3667 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/13/2010 11:37:21 PM
    Aww! I'm sorry with your frustration! I know exactly (somewhat) how you feel. That's how I was when I got back from my cruise, 10LBS heavier! Hopefully for you - it's muscle and/or water. Watch and see if it goes down in a few days. It took me about 4 days for my 10lbs to go down.
    3667 days ago
  • DYA177
    Yeah I agree with everyone. It's the sodium and YOU are driving yourself crazy by weighing yourself TOO much!!! Stress can add the pounds too. Listen stay away from the scale this week. Continue your exercise routine. Drink more water and the scale WILL smile back at you next time you weigh in. Trust me!!!

    Love you like a sister!!!! Keep on sparking
    3667 days ago
    Aprile, I have been wanting to go to that line dancing place!! I have heard it is a lot of fun!

    OK... here's what I think about the weight gain. You would have to have done some SERIOUS EATING to gain that much weight in such a short amount of time. I think you are retaining water from eating fast food - no matter how innocuous purchased food seems, there is ALWAYS sodium in it! I think you should just ignore that number you saw, stick to your guns, and I will bet in a week you will see yourself sitting at a good number. Don't peek at the scale till next week because it will just drive you CRAZY!

    Hang in there!
    3667 days ago
    APRILBLESS, tough week of semi-fun stuff. bummer about your friend. maybe you need to be honest with her and tell her that all of her sniffing and snotting around your grosses you out. ask her if she would excuse herself to the bathroom to take care of that.
    i am sure that if she knew it was bothering you so bad, she would accommodate you. i personally know how both of you feel though. i have my own sinus issues and acid reflux. they do not play well together. add to that some asthma and you have a mess. i try not to hack, cough, blow, sniff, etc when i am around others, unless it is an emergency and i just can't control it.
    now, why drive yourself crazy with the scale every day? that is such a no-no! it is a meaningless number for the most part. especially on a daily basis. do you physically feel great? are your clothes fitting poorly? are you bloated? constipated? retaining water? so many things to make your weight fluctuate like that.
    3667 days ago
    Sorry mama said it would be days like that.....I know you will get that scale moving again. I remember when I worked at a place Antique Arms...they made antique guns. I was a office helper at the time. Anyway the owner gave a Christmas party and invited a man from peru. I've alway had two left feet. I was the only black lady there. LOL Me and the guy from peru dance together and all the men wanted to dance with me. LOL Of course i reserved my dancing just for him. He spoke very little English and I could not dance. We made a perfect couple. emoticon and he did not mind that I could not dance. It was fun.
    3668 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/13/2010 3:47:52 PM
    You know until my hubby started working out he would bring me all the Red Vines I could eat! He was my saboteur. lol So now I leave a box in the car & keep one box in the car. Now I have them (my son or hubby) bring me 1bx at time. Now he will eat them with me but I am doing much better. I am so bloated right now I have not stood on the scale in months! So I would say take this one for the team & let's move on. . . . I don't harbor on my mistakes I try not to wallow in my own guilt! Don't let your friend sabotage you. Keep focused on your goals, it could just be water weight gain? We are here for you. I like to cook a pan of chicken on Sunday & a few sides & that last us (2 adults & 2young adults) til Wednesday. I keep frozen chicken strips to make tacos or make a nice chili. I like to buys can soups with low sodium & that last me a few days since I am the only eating it. Then the potatoes bake easily. Soy burgers cook easily & frozen veggies are always on sale to help you cook like a king, eat like a queen & buy it all on a paupers salary. You know what I mean? lol

    God bless & don't stress!

    3668 days ago
    Hey there! Isn't it nice to have a blog like this to vent?! It's good to get it out on "paper" and off your mind... it frees up your mental energy to focus on the positives and turning a bad situation around. Weird weight week for sure, though that happens sometimes. It sounds like you are doing everything right (well, maybe not the Milanos hehe) and your efforts will definitely pay off... it just takes time. When I look at my weight-loss graph, it goes up, down, up, down, up, down... but the general trend is down over several months. Two steps forward, one step back... still counts as progress! It can be frustrating to see the scale go up, but I promise you that if you keep doing all the great things you are doing (salsa dancing! line dancing! walking! biking!) it will all pay off! Also, with the 5K and all the other activity, you may have gained some muscle mass, which is of course heavier than fat. But in this case, that's a good thing! emoticon emoticon
    3668 days ago
    There is NO WAY you really gained that much weight, it's gotta be water from all the sodium in the fast food, give it till Wed or Thurs to calm back down then reweigh yourself. That being said, you can't out exercise a bad diet, always remember that, finally THANK GOD your friend leaves tomorrow girl, that's brutal *snort, sniff, cough* haha
    3668 days ago
    Having a house guest over can be stressful. I'm one of those who coughs and has phlem (ugh, hate that word). I have to get it out somehow, but I try to be considerate of people around me...I wait until I'm by myself. emoticon I'm glad that things will be back to normal for you soon and you'll be back on track.

    Don't forget that your weight can flucuate as much as 5 pounds each day. emoticon
    3668 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6096849
    Wow, what a weekend, and what an ordeal that you're going through. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. Good thing is you're keeping active, bad thing is about the scale. But seriously April can a weight gain like that be possible?!? I just can't believe it! But I can only imagine how you felt when you got on the scale. emoticon But I can imagine your shock too. Wooowww! But hey, keep your head up, keep taking those sneakers to the pavement and staying active. That's one way for you to release the stress of the situations that you're going through and also burn some calories. Get your roomie some tissues too. Nothing worst than someone walking around constantly sniffing. Ugh!

    Hugs babe. Hang in there xoxo
    3668 days ago
    Maybe Aunt Flo is on her way? I know when it's that TOM for me the scale reads heavier. Retained water. Then as soon as Flo shows up, back down to normal. Just saying. Maybe that could be the culprit.

    Either way, I am proud of you for keeping your spirits up. You're right on track. Sounds like you had a fun weekend, all in all. Line dancing sounds so fun!

    3668 days ago
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