My First Food Blog: Morningstar Sweet n Sour Chikn

Monday, August 30, 2010

Quick blog. A food blog. Never done a food blog before. I hope I'm doing it right...(lol)

I LOVE Morningstar Farms veggie products. I mean, L-O-V-E! And I'm not even vegetarian folks. Not in the least. (I love my meat!) So since 2009, MF has been adding onto their product line like crazy. Like they're going out of business or something....(lol) And I am not hating.

Italian Herb Chik Patties
Maple Flavored Breakfast Patties
Hot and Spicy Breakfast Patties
Veggie CornDogs
BBQ Riblets

Yum... all great successes. emoticon

Now they're starting to venture out into frozen dinners. "Interesting," I thougt to myself at the grocery store. Then I saw the sign. "Buy One Get One FREE". I am such a sucker... (ha). So I bought the two "frozen entree" varieties they offer for the price of one. Sweet N Sour Chik'n and the Lasagna w/ Sausage Style Crumbles. Not a bad deal.

Later I looked at the nutrition values, which is really not bad at all for the both of them. Perfect for a meal. For the Sweet N Sour Chik'n, nutrition was... Cals-340, Total Fat-6g, Carbs-56g, Protein-14. So I figure that's not bad to bring to work for lunch.

Now today I am at work, I try the first one for lunch... Sweet N Sour Chik'n. It's an intriguing concept. So I heat it up and dive in. When it's all nice and ready. I notice the first problem. Sauce is smothering the meal. But I mix it with my fork and dive in anyway. Unfortunately, it is a bust.

WAY too much sauce. It dominates everything and is a little strong to the taste. Also the brown rice kind of mushes as soon as you start chewing. Not a good combo. A little disappointing.

On the upside, besides the nutrition value, although too heavily breaded, the veggie chik chunks were pretty good. And the frozen bell peppers perked up nicely. So as I kept eating, it was more tolerable until I started to enjoy the flavor. But that's not how you're supposed to enjoy your meal... (laughing)!!

So overall, in my eyes, it was ok for their first try. But I personally won't try this entree again for a few months... hopefully they'll be re-formulating for a better version of it down the line.

This was how much of the sauce, etc I scooped back into the pan just because it was too much. I wonder if I can use it for something though? Hmm...

Still a fan of Morningstar Farms though. And I highly recommend. Later this week... I shall try the Lasagna frozen meal... yum.


Bless. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sandi - OMG, how could I forget the spicy black bean burgers!?? The absolute best of the line, no doubt.

    And yeah, glad I'm inspiring some meat lovers to try on the other side...(lol). Honestly, as long as the food is good (and healthy!), I'm a fan, you know?
    emoticon emoticon
    3681 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/31/2010 9:28:50 AM
    You know, I'm a meat lover myself and y'all just inspired me to try that brand! Thanks-- now I gotta look for sales!
    3681 days ago
    Their turkey sausage is awesome.
    3681 days ago
    Ooooh, thanks for these food reviews, Aprile! Keep 'em comin'! My fave Morningstar Farms product has to be their spicy black-bean burgers (sigh...). Their faux chicken nuggets are pretty tasty, too...and the RIBLETS!! We've bought loads of those! Next best thing to the real thing, IMO :) I haven't found a real or soy sweet & sour chicken I've really loved yet. The Healthy Choice variety are equally as gummy and cornstarchy, but with more calories :( We bravely soldier on, though...munch! munch! munch! :) Hugs, Sandi emoticon
    3681 days ago
    Great blog! Thanks for sharing! Let us know about the sodium in the patties and veggie corndogs. Your first food blog emoticon
    3681 days ago
    Thanks ZERO and Dee... I'll definitely write some more food blogs. It's kind of fun! :P

    Zo - Sodium, 550. Yeah... can't really run away from it...you're right. Good thing we're all being healthier with our 64 oz of water every day, right EVERYbody? (lol) Right? (sigh) Everyday I try...(laughing) Well, hopefully we're ALL doing good with that.
    emoticon emoticon
    3681 days ago
    gotta check the sodium on those things...soooo much salt, can you pack your own in the freezer on the weekend? i learned my lesson from the salt and now i have high blood pressure, yuk.... anyway, always good to try new things.. the sauce is weird i agree...zo
    3681 days ago
    Well looks like something I might to try. You know you need to blog more cause it helps other to try new things because there are some of us that value your opinion. That no way in the world would we ever try that but you suggested it. Thats why I do the food blogs for taste, calories & convenience. Share more!

    God bless & thanks for the blog!

    3681 days ago
    You are writing like a professional food blogger! Here is to more "enjoyable" food!
    3681 days ago
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