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You Asked for It: A Workout Plan for BOTH SparkPeople DVDs

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Twice the workouts. Two times the fun. Double the results? You be the judge!
Positive reviews continue to roll in for our workout DVDs Total Body Sculpting and 28 Day Boot Camp.  (Thank you for that!) Although both of these DVDs feature very different workouts, I designed both of them with one thing in common: to help you maximize your results by combining compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups with calorie-blasting cardio into a single, super-efficient workout . (Phew, that was a mouthful.) And because each DVD has three or four individual workouts that you can mix and match, each one comes with its own workout plan that you can follow to ensure you're using them to get the best results in a safe and progressive way.
But one of the questions I hear most from people following one or both of these DVDs is how to use them together. This is a great question without a simple answer. The best workout plan will work your body in a variety of ways, include both challenging and easier days, and also allow for rest and recovery so you can get stronger and fitter (and stay sane).  So I developed a new workout plan that combines the routines from both of our popular DVDs into an effective and easy-to-follow program.
If you have both of these DVDs, you are in luck! Start using this plan now and reap the results! If you have only one of these DVDs, then consider this a kick in the butt to finally go out and get the second title you've been missing. (Here's where to purchase Total Body Sculpting or 28 Day Boot Camp). With a brand new plan to follow, you'll be well on your way to your fittest self yet—just in time for summer.  Are you ready for the plan?

(You can Pin this image for future reference, print this blog, or save it to your SparkFavorites for easy access later. Use the links to the left of this page for those options and more.)
Workout Tips: Depending on your fitness level, there are three plans you can try: beginner, intermediate and advanced.  You can repeat any week-long plan as long as you like—until you're ready to progress to the next level. The workout name on a given day refers to a specific routine on the DVD pictured for that day. Some days (as you advance) feature two or more of the workouts from a single DVD. The times listed are total workout time, assuming you also do the warm-up and cool down sessions on the DVD listed. Cross-training means doing any other workout you'd like at any intensity level (preferably cardio and NOT strength training).  Be sure to adhere to the rest days. It is during these recovery phases that your body adapts to become fitter and stronger, so they are very important!
I hope you enjoy the new workout plan, and I can't wait to hear what you think about it (and the results you achieve) once you've had a chance to try it. Connect with me in the comments below, or via Twitter, Facebook or SparkPeople to let me know how it goes.
Do you use either or both of these DVDs? What's your favorite thing about them?

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SUNSET09 6/24/2020
I enjoy the body sculpturing and the opportunity to finally do them at home as I had a gym membership and had enjoyed the classes there, SparkFriends. It keeps us accountable Report
VHAYES04 5/1/2020
Ty Report
CKEYES1 11/2/2019
Great DVDs Report
Work it Report
thanks Report
What extra equipment do you need for the DVD? Hand weights? Running shoes? Yoga mat? Report
Can you get these on line or from Spark People. I'd like to purchase them Report
These DVD's are the key to success!! Use both on a weekly basis and have lost pounds along with toning up my body. Over the past 3.5 years have gone from 135-36 lbs to current maintaining of 118-119 using these along with another Coach Nicole DVD Cardio Blast. These 3 DVD's WILL get you in shape and keep you there. You will need a stability ball,resistance band,weights of your choice and a mat. A small investment in a HEALTHIER YOU!! Healthy Hearts Team -shoreido- Ginny Report
where can I get these... I think I might like to try them Report
Neat! Thank you. Report
This is awesome!! I was actually already combining the 2 DVD's on my own. This is great to have an actual calendar,,takes the guess work out of it!! Can't wait to follow the plan,,love it!! Report
Are these workouts available on iTunes or someplace else for download? My workout area does not have a TV/DVD player, so I use my computer and it has no DVD drive. Report
You should make this an official challenge so we can earn a trophy!
I love the two combined Report
I agree with CLIMBERS ROCK. I can't do the exercises because of back problems that causes one leg to go numb. Please, please consider making a DVD for those of us who simply can't do certain exercises or have to constantly modify them. Report
Love the calendar for both workouts. Thank you. Report
I have these two and one other which is use, alternating days that I'm not on the stationary bike or treadmill. Water bottles are what I use unstead of weights. The gym I use for free doens't have anything under 20 lbs! I enjoy the total whole body workout and the session are not difficult at all. Love yourself enough to do this. I also have a 3rd one which i incorporate as well. Way to go! Report
Really great. Report
Thanks!! This will give me another great option!! Report
Awesome! Report
I'm saving this page. Now I have to get the DVD'S :) Report
To just print the chart...right click on the chart and then click print picture or save picture as :-) Report
How to print this chart? Report
How do you just print the schedule? I don't need the whole blog, just the schedule so I can tape it on my wall. Report
Typo: "I designed both of theme with one thing in common"--should be "them" Report
Nicole, your have great DVD's and videos on SP, but I can't do most of them. My knees are bone on bone and I have a compressed CS disc and two compressed LS discs. I can't do lunges and squats and have to keep everything NO impact. There are some great SP videos for people like me, but I get tired of searching for them daily.

It would be great if you coud put together a DVD for those of us who have to modify exercises for impairents. I believe from reading the boards there are enought of us that would benefit to make it worth your while.

Thanks for considering my suggestion. Report
Started this today! Like that there is a schedule that uses both videos! Report
I have a question! I have resistance bands... not dumbbells. I have no desire to get dumbbells (I lift heavier than most dumbbells, and they're not space efficient for me.)

How can I modify the videos to use resistance bands instead? Report
This looks really good. Thank you! Report
YAY! Thank you so much for this! Report
Thanks Coach Nicole, I cannot wait to try this new plan! Report