Finally: A Yoga Routine for Bad Wrists!

By , Jessica Smith, Certified Personal Trainer
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Yoga is a wonderful way to build flexibility, range of motion and relieve stress. But if you are just starting out, some traditional yoga poses and postures can be a little overwhelming and/or too tough on the wrists. This gentle, yoga-inspired routine uses a chair to help safely support your body into a deeper stretch.
We'll be building into the exercises gradually, so just do your best, listen to your body and stick with the versions of the exercises that work best for your current fitness level. You'll need a sturdy, high-back chair for this routine.


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About the Author
As someone who struggled to lose weight for years, Jessica found that the key to her own 40-pound weight loss was making small, healthy lifestyle changes that led to big, lasting results. Now, as a certified wellcoach, fitness instructor and personal trainer, she has spent the last 15 years helping students and clients reach their goals in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami, and now reaches millions online through her YouTube Channel and home exercise DVD series. Please visit to learn more about her fun, results driven programs for all levels of exercisers.

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TURQUROISE 5/30/2020
thank you Report
PATRICIAAK 5/29/2020
:) Report
KHALIA2 1/15/2020
Thanks! Report
KWOOD1955 1/15/2020
Great info. Thx! Report
PATRICIAAK 1/11/2020
:) Report
JAMER123 12/14/2019
Thank you for sharing. Report
ARNETTELEE 10/21/2019
thanks Report
Thanks Report
Thank you Report
I love Jessica Smith's workout videos Report
I don't like yoga, but found some article informative. Report
Thanks for the great information. Report
Thank you! So very helpful!!! Report
Great advice Report
Good workout/stretching. I did have to modify the upward-facing dog which put a strain on my wrists; I did it on fists instead of flat palms. I also modify the quad stretch by holding my heel instead of the top of the foot, which puts less stress on my knee. I appreciated the prayer pose and wrists stretches. Report
This is a great workout. I've bookmarked it and will fit it in to my rotation Report
I can't wait to try this! I've had wrist surgeries - one on each wrist due to destruction from rheumatoid arthritis - and my biggest frustration with yoga has been the amount of weight on your wrists for as something as basic as down dog. Report
Be an inspiration to those around you by making the most of each day. Report
This is great since I do have problems with both wrists. Thanks. Report
Awesome work out. I'm going yo do it again to stretch after sitting down for work most of the day. Report
My first comment here was over a year ago and surprise! I'm still here and doing this routine regularly. Fortunately, I don't have challenges that prevent from getting down on the floor or doing traditional yoga routines, but SURPRISE again! I prefer this. It helps me to focus on particular parts of my body and concentrate on the proper form. I love, love, love this.
I do it after my morning run, after strength training sessions or sometimes on rest days when I don't do much of anything else. I must sound like a cheerleader. That's because I am. Report
I love doing this during the day to relieve muscle soreness. Report
Usually I pass on the Yoga exercises because I can't do them. But with the support of the chair, even I could do these. And those amazing palm trees in the background. Report
Very nice, finally something can do without getting on the floor. Have had 2 knee replacements, 1 almost 16 years ago (in accident) and due for replacement again. I'm very careful, not eager for another surgery. Thanks for something that I can do. Report
With my arthritic wrists I cannot do the downward dog with the chair or anything else that requires bent wrists so not for me. Report
Just did this and surprisingly I liked it. Thank You! Report
looks like a great workout but I was hoping I found something to do from seated chair - broken ankle and still recovering Report
Just did this Yoga routine and love it. It's perfect for me since I can't get on the floor because of knees and positional vertigo. I'm adding to my favorites as part of my workout. Thanks so much for giving us this. Report
Look at this! I first commented 8 months ago. This is the longest I have stuck with a yoga routine EVER! This is perfect for me and I don't have mobility issues. I just LIKE it. It works great after my morning run and regular stretching routine. Thank you! Report
Did okay except for the quad stretch. One knee can only bend 90 degrees tried my best. Report
I was really excited when I saw this. However, the title said a "Yoga Routine for Bad Wrists." Title is definitely wrong, or at least, misleading. There were a couple of moves involving my wrist that I really couldn't do without pain. Report
I got about 2 minutes into and had to stop because I can't put my arm behind my head and grab that elbow...just not possible. And since that was kind of discouraging I stopped watching it. I will try it again some day, but not tonight. :( Report
I saved this video to my favorites since using the chair for modification really helps me. I have "difficult" feet (flat, severely over-pronating, with even an extra bone). I wear custom orthotics which have kept me active as a runner for 30 years. However, regular yoga, shoeless and on a mat are difficult for me. I understand how beneficial yoga is. This, I can do. I will work it into my ST days 3 times a week. Report
Great yoga routine for a beginner like myself. I enjoyed most of the movements, but I am unable to grab my foot behind me on the Flamingo pose. Is there some other way to accomplish the same stretch? I saw a suggestion from someone else that had the same difficulty, and she said she used a towel. I'm adding this to my favorite Spark fitness videos. Thank you Jessica! Report
Great stretch!!! Was able to do all stretches taking precautions for vertigo. Not many stretches I have found where I could do all. Thanks How do I add this to the fitness tracker for the day?
I really enjoyed this video! Report
I really enjoyed this video! Report
Most of this looks doable except for the "flamingo stretch". No way can I grab my foot with my hand. Would have to have a long scarf or a towel. I do worry about the chair tipping over when leaning on it. Report
I really liked it, thanks for doing it for us!! I did it in the evening!! Report
I loved it. Report
This was a great afternoon stretch after sitting at a computer desk all morning! So worth it!! Report
great relaxing stretch - especially for people with joint issues who find getting down on the floor difficult. this is definitely a keeper. Report
Just watched your fit-in-15 chair yoga workout. Thank you, I have physical challenges from a back injury but this looks completely doable even for me. I'm going to try it and add it to my Sparks People daily tracking. Thank you, thank you. Report
I have balance issues, so this helped a lot. Report
Is there a way to add this to your fitness tracker for the day? Report
Loved this, thank you! Great way to start the day Report
Awesome stretch!!!! Report