8 Useful Kitchen Tools for the Healthy Cook

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How many times have you succumbed to takeout because it seemed like too much work to prepare a healthy meal at home? When you have a well-equipped kitchen, cooking nutritious foods doesn't have to be a chore. Whether you're cooking for a big family dinner or just making a meal for one on a Tuesday night, having the right tools makes kitchen time more effiicient. Add these eight tools to your kitchen to make cooking at home less of a hassle and more enjoyable. 

1. Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat (starting at $13.00)

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Non-stick silicone baking mats are great ways to cook items without any added fat. Whether you're baking cookies or roasting veggies, you can be sure your food won't need to be pried off the mat.
2. OXO Multi-Purpose Scraper and Chopper (starting at $9.95)

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A scraper is the perfect tool to speed up your prep time and keep your cutting board neat. Every time you grab your knife, collect the scraper as well. The straight edge lets you scoop up your chopped veggies without dulling the edge of your knife. The straight but not sharp edge makes this safe for new cooks and kids, too.
3. Tortilla Shell Pans ($24.99)

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You won't need Mexican takeout when you have these tortilla shell pans in your kitchen. No need for deep frying the tortilla in quarts of oil—use these pans to easily cut out the fat found in traditional taco salads. Bake them in the oven with just a mist of non-stick spray. You can also use these pans to bake cookie dough, filo dough or even cut pie crusts into "cups."

4. Cooking/Cooling Racks ($7.95)

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Oven-safe cooking and cooling racks are extremely useful to have in the kitchen. Use them to lift meats off baking or roasting pans to allow fat to drip away from your meat and onto the pan. They're also a must for faux frying foods by keeping the breaded foods elevated so the heat reaches all sides to give a "just fried" appearance without added the fat.

5. KitchenAid Immersion Blender ($47.99)

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I love tools that will handle more than one job in the kitchen. This immersion blender does so much more than just puree foods—it also chops fresh herbs to add to salsas, soups or salad dressings. Plus, it's perfect for making quick smoothies for a healthy breakfast or snack. 
6. Cuisipro Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons ($44.90)

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A recipe that results in a perfect dish is actually a formula with specific ratios. Don't risk upsetting that ratio and risking failure by using warped or inaccurate measuring cups and spoons for your dry ingredients. These stainless steel Cuisipro cups will not change in shape after endless runs through the dishwasher, so your teaspoon of baking soda will remain just that.
7. Norpro "Wonder" Measuring Cup ($8.40)

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In the kitchen, dry and liquid measuring cups are not interchangeable. But what if you're measuring something that's in between—say, something sticky? To ensure perfect results, reach for the "Wonder" measuring cup, which can easily measure sticky ingredients like honey, nut butters or tahini. Because of the tube style, you get the correct amount needed, without all the mess of a traditional measuring cup. Just slide up the measuring cup to push out the food.
8. AccuSharp Knife Sharpener ($8.09) 

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If your go-to knife is dull, you will apply more pressure when cutting and chopping, which can lead to a slip and then a cut. Keep your knives sharp with an affordable and easy-to-store knife sharpener.
What are your favorite healthy cooking tools?

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NIOMIW 9/11/2020
I prefer multi-purpose kitchen items. That tortilla pan is ridiculous. My cupboards and counters are full enough! Report
PLCHAPPELL 8/13/2020
Have most Report
CECELW 7/24/2020
I have used some of these things Report
XREPHA 7/18/2020
Oh...and let's not forget the air fryer!! 👍👍 Report
XREPHA 7/18/2020
The right knife is key. My stand mixer and instant pot are must as well. 👍 Report
RO2BENT 7/18/2020
Gas range Report
Thanks for the tips. Report
EVIE4NOW 7/8/2020
good ideas for tools Report
LADDU098 7/8/2020
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or-pc/ Report
XREPHA 6/14/2020
Have a good knife! It makes all the difference in the world! Report
GEORGE815 5/27/2020
Thanks Report
KOALA_BEAR 5/9/2020
Good cutting board, knife set, blender, cast iron skillets, Dutch oven, jelly roll pans necessities for me. Love my salad shooter too & use it for grating cheese. A spare coffee grinder can be used to make nut butter.

I have a Champion juicer that I use for juice extraction that is an investment in health. For me personally it made a big improvement in how I feel & function but a less expensive & bulky one might better work for others. I bought mine in 1982, that 1/3 hp motor decimates whatever I put through it. Only a necessity if you will use it which I did 3x wkly for years, less often now. Report
I have had one of those knife sharpeners for at least 20 years, but never thought they were for serrated knives, do others use them for a serrated knife? Report
RO2BENT 1/10/2020
Yeah! Report
Great tools! Report
DPK1210 1/10/2020
Immersion blenders are the best! Report
NIKO27 12/23/2019
ERIN_POSCH 12/15/2019
thanks for sharing Report
CLEANEATER808 10/10/2019
I love my Silpat! I would also add silicone baking cups to this list and for those who eat tofu, a tofu press is a must! Report
thanks Report
THanks Report
interesting I guess. Report
thanks Report
My Dollar tree measuring cups and spoons work fine! Report
My Dollar tree measuring cups and spoons work fine! Report
I wouldn't get the tortilla shell simply because of storage and only 1 use for it. I do love my immersion blender. Report
I have my mother’s Wonder Cup, from 1956, lol. Report
Great article! Report
These are great suggestions. Report
Good list! There are only 2 that I do not have. Report
nice ideas Report
Great tools and prices! Report
My husband and I were just talking about how we love our non stick skillet. If these are anything like the frying pan I own, I will definitely order more. Report
I love all my kitchen tools and gadgets ... But the tortilla bowl is going to go to St. Vincent de Pauls. ....Unnecessary. Report
A great list of tools! Thanks for sharing! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
What is your impression of the recent the copper trend? there is a rath of TV (800)# Infomercials about new product concepts for copper? Namely a copper oven pan with a copper wire rack (for air circulation (and oven fat free frying). Or how about the various copper waffle/panini presses? Or the various skillets, dutch ovens, or pots (enameled or not). Also what level of care does it take to maintain and clean copper? are their any nutrition benefits to copper?? Report
Very little on there that many of us can afford. Report
Why on earth would anyone need a $45 set of measuring cups and spoons??? You can get a set of both for under $10 anywhere. I agree with other comments about the tortilla bowl thing. Unnecessary. Report
I am a "The Pampered Chef" consultant - TPC has items compatible to most of these. These are some of the same items I recommend to my customers. I would include a good Knife. Every kitchen needs a good Knife or better yet a good set of knives. Report
Fun seeing new kitchen items. Report
Thanks for these ideas! Report
A quality 10 inch chef's knife, cast iron and stainless steel cookware, a digital scale, parchment paper for oven use, a hand powered rotary chopper and a good knife sharpener with the skill to know how to use it. Report
Most of these items are just additional extras and not at all necessary. Report
I agree that the tortilla bowl pan is odd.
+1 for food processor!! Report
I found the choice odd too. I definetly agree with having a good scale. They ate more accurate than measuring cups. Good cookware is a must also. I'm no longer afraid of added fat. I use coconut oil pretty freely, so the mat wouldn't help me. I'm thinking about adding a spiralizer Report
the good knife, the scale, the quality measuring tools, my knife sharpener, and a set of well seasoned, old fashioned cast iron frying pans and stainless steel pots, and parchment paper. Although hubs is eyeballing the copper ceramic skillets as seen on tv! Report
The tortilla pan seems like an odd choice. A good non-stick skillet would be more useful. Report
Costco gets Silpat wanna-be's that work well & are way cheaper. This list feels more like a series of ads. I see tortilla bowls at thrift stores all the time. NOT what I'd call a necessity. A really good knife, a kitchen scale. Maybe a food processor or heavy duty blender/Ninja/Vitamix/Blentec for more fruits & veggies. Report
The tortilla shell pan is an odd one on this list. I love my immersion blender and now that I realize I can use it to make individual smoothies I love it even more.

A lot of recipes I come across use food processors or powerful blenders so I think either of those would be an essential item since you can use them to make a wide range of things. (-whispers- Almond Butter) Report